Living Options Programs Associated with Animal Science

Living/Learning Center Housing Information

The Living/Learning Center at UVM offers students who have common interests the opportunity to live in programmed communities.  To become a member in one of the Living/Learning Center's Programs, students must complete an application online. This application is reviewed by Program Directors and decisions about the program's membership are made based on interest and enthusiasm.

Students who have a passion for animals may be interested in one of the oldest Living and Learning programs at UVM, Animalia. Animalia is not currently active; however, if you would be interested in designing this program, go to:


Animalia LogoAnimalia is a program that provides a supportive living environment in the Living and Learning Center where members can learn about the field of animal science and veterinary medicine and express ideas and concerns about animal and veterinary careers. Through various activities, members will increase their knowledge of animal care, welfare, disease, and treatment. The program will also educate members about the necessary requirements for vet school admissions. Various activities may include community service projects, speakers from animal and veterinary related fields, and educational trips. For more information visit the web site

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