Equine Reproduction Workshop

UVM Morgan Horse FarmUVM Morgan Horse Farm's 27th Annual Equine Reproduction Workshop was held on Friday afternoon March 27 and all day on Saturday, March 28, 2015. The workshop consisted of lecture, procedures, and techniques taught by equine experts from the Miner Institute, Balanced Rhythms, Inc. Meadowbrook Equine, UVM Animal & Veterinary Sciences Department and UVM Morgan Horse Farm.  The staff of the UVM Morgan Horse Farm and the Veterinarians helped guide workshop participants through hands-on participation and demonstrations of ultrasound, teasing procedures, semen collection and processing, artificial insemination and frozen semen handling. The important step of training the inexperienced stallion to the breeding phantom was also demonstrated.

Call 802-388-2011 or email uvm.morgans@uvm.edu for more information.