EquiDay 2008
Miner Institute
Chazy, NY

EquiDay 2008 at Miner Institute in Chazy, NY is a daylong symposium on horse topics and a mini-expo to launch the spring season in the North Country.  Saturday, March 29th the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. for FREE registration and refreshments with the speaker program starting at 10:00 a.m. and continue until 3:30 ending with a door prize drawing. Lunch is available for purchase to benefit a local 4H club.

Training topics are always of interest and this year’s presenter Jeff Morse from Green Meads Farm in Richmond, MA will offer his take on working with horses. Over the years, Jeff has trained horses for many disciplines, but his main focus is on carriage driving. That said, the root of most training obstacles is similar across the breeds and no matter what style you ride or drive.

Sugar levels in hay and how this affects equine metabolism is always a hot topic.  While we know lots of things about feeding horses that are just “common” knowledge and have been passed along from generation to generation, there hasn’t always been the data to back it up. This winter, Miner conducted a research trial evaluating sugars in dry forages and the glucose and insulin responses to those diets in our Morgan herd.  Katie Ballard, Director of Research, will present the results of this first equine nutrition trial at Miner Institute.

With the cost of everything going up, farm safety can sometimes be only in the back of your mind while you go about your work on tightening the belt.  However, it only takes a few minutes of not paying attention to cost dearly! Jim Carrabba, the Agricultural Safety Specialist with New York’s Center for Agricultural Medicine & Health, will present on what programs the state has to offer as well as tips for how to get started and stay on the road to safety.

All horses are “wanted” aren’t they? Unfortunately not. Miner Institute’s Equine Manager, Karen Lassell, will talk about the Unwanted Horse Coalition, what they are, why they’re needed, and how the average horse owner fits in the picture.

Adirondack Tack of Plattsburgh, NY will put on a Fashion show and describe the outfits for various disciplines. A good time to find out the latest in what’s hot, what’s NOT, and get started deciding on colors that will suit you and your horse.

No matter the weather (EquiDay is famous for snowstorms), the show will go on. EquiDay is held in the Miner Center building of Miner Institute on Rte. 191, just west of exit 41 on I-87. For more information, check out Miner Institute’s website: www.whminer.org, or contact Karen Lassell at 518-846-7121 x120 or lassell@whminer.com