Lyndon CarewL. Carew, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

B.S., University of Massachusetts: Genetics, Poultry Science

PhD., Cornell University: Animal Nutrition, Biochemistry, Endocrinology
My CV: 2009

I taught the only introductory course in nutrition at UVM to approximately 500 students per year. Students from all areas of the University used the course as a major requirement and as an elective. We learned about the scientific principles of nutrition for all mammals, which included you, and we learn edabout their relation to health. A unique feature of my course is that the lecture material was on the World Wide Web. This replaced the standard textbook, and students could review the lectures at their leisure "from any place in the world"!!  There were 2500 multiple-choice questions in this program for students to review and study. I also taught undergraduates how to do research using the programs listed below.

Endocrinology and Nutrition
Animal Nutrition in Latin America
Use of Computers in Nutrition Education

I have a deep interest in the problems of human and animal nutrition in Latin America, and have worked with researchers in Honduras, Colombia and Ecuador on developing new feed ingredients for chickens as well as promoting the development of chicken meat and eggs for human consumption. I have taught courses in Spanish and given lectures on human and animal nutrition in these three countries. I am also doing research to evaluate the value of using computer programs to teach nutrition.

Recent Publications
Student Advising:  The Learning Cooperative

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