Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


I. Work Address.

University of Vermont
202 Terrill Hall
570 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405

Telephone 802-656-5893
FAX 802-656-8196.

II. Education


Ph.D. Cornell University, 1961. Animal Nutrition, Biochemistry, Endocrinology.

B.S. University of Massachusetts, 1955. Animal genetics, poultry genetics.

Diploma - Massachusetts Agricultural Institute, 1950. Leadership, Farm Management, Pomology, Poultry Science


III. Positions Held


1969-present:  Associate and Full Professor of Animal Sciences, Univ. of Vermont.

                        Jointly appointed Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences in 1977.

                        Member of Graduate Faculty since 1970.

            1983-1995: Adjunct Professor, William H. Miner Institute for Ag. Research, Chazy, NY.

1980-83: Scientific Program Manager, Title XII International Nutrition Project, University of Vermont.

1967-1969: Director of Poultry Research, Hess & Clark, Division of Richardson-Merrell

            (Basic and applied research in Animal Health, Drugs and Toxicology).

1961-1965: Director, Colombian National Poultry Program and Animal Nutrition Laboratory,

                The Rockefeller Foundation and Instituto Colombiano Agropecaurio (Now CIA and CIAT) Bogota, Colombia.

1955-1960: Graduate Assistant and Pre-doctoral Research Associate, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


IV. Teaching


a).  Regular teaching assignments:

Fundamentals of Nutrition; 5 sections per year - Day, Evening and Summer classes. 600 students/year.

 b).  Undergraduate/Honors research. 1-2 students/year

c). Courses taught irregularly:

Introductory Animal Sciences, sections on nutrition and foods.
                        Nutrition and Health; Advanced Nutrition;  Computers in Nutrition.

Nutrition Seminar;  Animal Sciences Seminar;  Graduate Seminar;

Poultry Science;  Nutrition Education (in Spanish);  Various Human Nutrition

Short Courses - on and off campus;  Various workshops in nutrition throughout Colombia and Ecuador and in Honduras

Thesis advisor to B.S. (21), M.S. (40) and Ph.D. (12) candidates in Nutrition, Animal Sciences and Biological Sciences

d). Advising:  advise 25-30 undergraduates and 1-3 graduate students each year.

            Informally advise 10's of students in nutrition, preprefossional, and international area.


V. Grants


34 Federal, State, University and Foundation grants as PI or collaborator = $1,000,000.

7 USDA Hatch Research Projects since 1970 = approx.  $2,000,000.


VI. Research Interests (* = current interests)


 *a)  Effect of nutritional status on growth, energy use, thyroid function, and deiodinase activity.

 *b). Nitrate/Nitrite toxicity; interaction with vitamin A and thyroid hormones.

   c). Drug effects on egg cholesterol.

 *d). Use of computers in teaching nutrition.

 *e). Protein and amino acid deficiencies.

             *f). Nutrient requirements of poultry, especially energy, protein, and phosphorus.         

 *g). The Latin American poultry industry.

 *h). Use of new feed ingredients, especially legumes in diets for animals and humans.

   i)   Nutrition and pituitary function; growth hormone, TSH.

   j).  Mitochondrial function in various nutritional states.

 *k).  New, common and Latin American feedstuffs for animals; soybeans, coffee, yuca, sugar, velvet beans, etc.

    l).  Antimicrobial drugs for animals.

   m).  Physiology of new steroidal drugs.


VII.  Publications/Scholarly Activity


 a).  210 scientific publications and abstracts, some in Spanish.

 b).  20 publications in the popular press; previously editor or co-editor of 2 newspaper columns.

 c).  133 oral, TV or radio presentations.

 d).  Several seminars, workshops and symposia in human and  poultry nutrition in Spanish in Colombia and Ecuador. 1961-65 and 1980-81.

e).  Member of many university committees including CALS  Faculty Standards Committee, Dean's Search, Chair search, Provost’s International Advisory Council, Latin American Studies, and Departmental, University Graduate Executive Committee, Student Honesty Panel, several student Honors Committees.

             f).  Member of 16 professional organizations including:  Vermont Nutrition Council ( Previous President);  American Institute of Nutrition; Animal Nutrition Research Council (Chair of Trustees and Technical  Committee, 983, 1986); Nutrition Education Society (State Membership Coordinator, 1978-1981); Society for  Experimental Biology and Medicine (Councilor, Lake  Champlain Region, 1973); AAAS; Endocrine Society; New  England College Conference on Ration Formulation (Chairman, 1980); Poultry Science Assn. (Assoc. Editor, 1980-present); World's Poultry Science Assn.; National Assoc. of College Teachers of Agriculture;  Vermont/Honduras Partners of the Americas (Board of Directors; Health Committee; Farmer-to-Farmer  Committee); Registered ARPAS Professional Animal  Scientist. 


VIII.  Awards


 a). 1950 Balfour Scholastic Achievement Award. Essex County Agricultural School. Hathorne, MA.

 b). 1955  Graduated Cum-Laude.  University of Massachusetts.

 c). 1981  Joseph E. Carrigan Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Advising.  UVM.

             d). 1983  George V. Kidder Alumni Faculty Award.  Outstanding Faculty.  University of Vermont.

 e). 1986  Joseph E. Carrigan Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Advising.  UVM.

             f). 1987  University Scholar in Biological Sciences. UVM.

             g). 1989  Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Outstanding Teaching at UVM.         

 h). 1993  NACTA National Teaching Award of Merit. National Association of College Teachers of America.

 i). 1995 USDA and National Ass. Of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Northeast Regional Award for Excellence in College and University Teaching.

 j). 1999 Faculty Recognition Award for Extraordinary teaching, research, service efforts. UVM.

 k). 2000 NACTA National Teacher Fellow.

 l).  2001Vermont Professor of the year - Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

            m). 2002.  Bickford Scholar Award. For Outstanding Accomplishment and Continuing Promise for Research and Outreach and Instructional Excellence in the Area of Nutrition and Food Sciences. UVM.


  IX. Foreign Experience:


1. 1961-65;  5 years location in Bogota, Colombia.  Many trips throughout the country, especially, Cali, Medellin, Monteria.

2. 1981:  Sabbatical (9 weeks) in Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

3. Various trips to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panamá, México, San Andrés, Spain, Netherlands and Austria.

4. Currently, Vermont representative to the Vermont/Honduras, Partners of the Americas Farmer-to-Farmer project.  Made several trips to Honduras since 1995.

5. 1996: Semester sabbatical in Honduras doing research and teaching at the Panamerican School of Agriculture (Zamorano). Currently have an active joint research project with Zamorano. Serve as advisor to Honors students.

6. Serve on the UVM Provost’s International Advisory Council, the Latin American Studies Program and the CALS International Committee.

7. Moderately fluent in Spanish.


X.  Other


a). Author of a complete college-level, autotutorial computerized course; stand-alone electronic textbook.

b). Author of a complete college-level nutrition course on the Internet including a 2500 multiple-choice question database.

c). Listed in 16 biographical listings.Has taught nutrition to over 15,000 students.  Nurses, physicians, dental technicians, animal scientists, vets. say they use the information well after graduating. For years taught evening and summer sessions as well.