Ellen A. Hardacre Arena
In-door Equine Arena
at Spear Street Farm

Ellan A Hardacre ArenaThe ELLEN A. HARDACRE Equine Center is a student cooperative barn which contains 22 stalls, a tack room, horse shower and an inside riding arena.  This facility is located on the northern edge of the Paul Miller Research Complex on Spear Street in South Burlington, just a mile from the University of Vermont's main campus.  The Horse Barn Co-op, housed at the Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center, allows students to bring their horses to UVM while they are enrolled at the university.  Complimenting the facility is a state of the art 220 X 110 foot outside area, as well as a riding trail which is accessible from the complex.

This wonderful facility was made possible by the generous donation of Amy Tarrant.

Horse at the equine arena.

Outside the Ellen A. Hardacre Arena