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Alaska Liens for Services to Horses

NOTE:  No specific Alaska statutes were found regarding liens for veterinarians, farriers, or breeders.  However, subsection (3) of the following general statute would appear to cover each of those service providers.

Title 34. Property.
Chapter 35. Liens.
Article 5. Transportation, Storage and Agistment.


Sec. 34.35.220 Persons entitled to carrier, warehouse, and livestock liens.

The following persons shall have liens upon personal property for their just and reasonable charges for the labor, care, and attention bestowed and the food furnished, and may retain possession of the property until the charges are paid:

(1) a person who is a common carrier, or who, at the request of the owner or lawful possessor of personal property, carries, conveys, or transports the property from one place to another;

(2) a person who safely keeps or stores grain, wares, merchandise, and personal property at the request of the owner or lawful possessor of the property; and

(3) a person who pastures or feeds horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, or other livestock, or bestows labor, care, or attention upon the livestock at the request of the owner or lawful possessor of the livestock.

Sec. 34.35.225 Sale to enforce lien.

(a) If just and reasonable charges are not paid within three months after the care, attention, and labor is performed or food is furnished, the person having the lien may proceed to sell at public auction, as provided in AS 34.35.175, the property mentioned in AS 34.35.220, or a part of it, sufficient to pay the just and reasonable charges.

(b) Nothing in this section may be construed to authorize a warehouseman to sell more of the wool, wheat, oats, or other grain than is sufficient to pay charges due the warehouseman on the wool, wheat, oats, or other grain.

(c) A warehouseman who sells, loans, or otherwise disposes of the wool, wheat, oats, or grain contrary to the provisions of AS 34.35.220 and 34.35.225 without the consent of the owner of the property shall, for each offense, forfeit and pay to the owner a sum equal to the market value of the property, and 50 per cent of the market value in addition as a penalty. Market value is the price the article bears at the time the owner makes demand on the warehouseman for it.

Reviewed by AAHS in August 2001.

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