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Missouri Riding on Public Roads Statute



307.125. Animal-driven vehicles, lighting requirements--penalty 

Any person who shall place or drive or cause to be placed or driven, upon or along any state or supplementary state highway of this state any animal-driven vehicle whatsoever, whether in motion or at rest, shall after sunset to one- half hour before sunrise have attached to every such vehicle at the rear thereof a red taillight or a red reflecting device of not less than three inches in diameter of effective area or its equivalent in area. When such device shall consist of reflecting buttons there shall be no less than seven of such buttons covering an area equal to a circle with a three-inch diameter.

The total subtended effective angle of reflection of every such device shall be no less than sixty degrees and the spread and efficiency of the reflected light shall be sufficient for the reflected light to be visible to the driver of any motor vehicle approaching such animal-drawn vehicle from the rear of a distance of not less than five hundred feet. In addition, any person who operates any such animal-driven vehicle during the hours between sunset and one-half hour before sunrise shall have at least one light flashing at all times the vehicle is on any highway of this state. Such light or lights shall be amber in the front and red in the back and shall be placed on the left side of the vehicle at a height of no more than six feet from the ground and shall be visible from the front and the back of the vehicle at a distance of at least five hundred feet. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor.

307.127. Slow-moving equipment, emblem required on, when--emblem described

1. No person shall operate on any public highway of this state any slow-moving vehicle or equipment after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise, any animal- drawn vehicle, or any other machinery, designed for use or normally operated at speeds less than twenty-five miles per hour, including all road construction or maintenance machinery except when engaged in actual construction or maintenance work either guarded by a flagman or clearly visible warning signs, which normally travels or is normally used at a speed of less than twenty-five miles per hour unless there is displayed on the rear thereof an emblem as described in, and displayed as provided in subsection 2 in this section. The requirement of such emblem shall be in addition to any lighting devices required by section 307.115.

2. The emblem required by subsection 1 of this section shall be of substantial construction, and shall be a basedown equilateral triangle of fluorescent yellow-orange film or equivalent quality paint with a base of not less than fourteen inches and an altitude of not less than twelve inches. Such triangle shall be bordered with reflective red strips having a minimum width of one and three-fourths inches, with the vertices of the overall triangle truncated such that the remaining altitude shall be a minimum of fourteen inches. Such emblem shall be mounted on the rear of such vehicle near the horizontal geometric center of the rearmost vehicle at a height of not less than four feet above the roadway, and shall be maintained in a clean, reflective condition. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any vehicle or equipment being operated on a gravel or dirt surfaced public highway.

3. Any person who shall violate the provisions of this section shall be guilty of an infraction.

4. No emblem shall be required on machinery or equipment pulled or attached to a farm tractor providing the machinery or equipment does not extend more than twelve feet to the rear of the tractor and permits a clear view of the emblem on the tractor by vehicles approaching from the rear.

Reviewed by AAHS in May 2003.

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