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Pennsylvania Liens for the Care of Horses



11. Procedure for sale of personal property under common law lien

Hereafter where any person, corporation, firm, or copartnership may have what is known as a "common law lien" for work done or material furnished about the repair of any personal property belonging to another person, corporation, firm, or copartnership, it shall be lawful for such person, corporation, firm, or copartnership having said common law lien, while such property is in the hands of the said person, corporation, firm, or copartnership contributing such work and material, to give notice in writing to the owner of the amount of indebtedness for which said common law lien is claimed for the labor and material that has entered into the repair, alteration, improvement, or otherwise, done upon the said property. If the said claim for said work or material is not paid within thirty days the said person, corporation, firm, or copartnership to which said money is due, may proceed to sell the said property, as hereinafter provided: Provided, however, That the owner of said property, if he disputes said bill, may issue a writ of replevin, as provided by law, within the said thirty days, and the said dispute shall be settled in said action of replevin.


12. Notice of sale

The notice hereinbefore provided for shall contain an itemized statement setting forth the work and material furnished for the repair, alteration, or improvement of the said personal property, and shall be verified by oath of the claimant; and if said claim is not paid within said thirty days then the said claimant may sell the said property at public sale by giving ten days' notice thereof in the same manner as personal property is sold by sheriff or constable.


13. Disposition of proceeds

After satisfying the lien and any costs that may accrue, any residue remaining shall on demand, within six months, be paid to the owner of the property; and if such residue is not demanded within six months from the date of the sale, the same shall be deposited by the person making the sale with the treasurer of the county, together with a statement of the claim and the costs of enforcing the same, a copy of the published notice, and of the amounts received for the goods at said sale. Said residue shall by the county treasurer be credited to the general revenue fund of the county, subject to the right of the owner, or his personal representatives, to reclaim the same at any time within three years from the date of the deposit with the county treasurer.


14. Title on sale

All sales of property made under this act shall be as conclusive to the title conveyed as if sold by a sheriff or constable.


15. Lien on goods for carriage, storage or labor; sale of goods

In all cases, in which commission merchants, factors and all common carriers, or other persons, shall have a lien, under existing laws, upon any goods, wares, merchandise, or other property, for, or on account of, the costs, or expenses, of carriage, storage, or labor bestowed on such goods, wares, merchandise, or other property, if the owner, or consignee of the same, shall fail, or neglect, or refuse to pay the amount of charges upon any such property, goods, wares, or merchandise, within thirty days after demand thereof, made personally upon such owner, or consignee, then, and in such case, it shall and may be lawful for any such commission merchant, factor, common carrier, or other person, having such lien, as aforesaid, after the expiration of said period of thirty days, to expose such goods, wares, merchandise, or other property, to sale, at public auction, and to sell the same, or so much thereof, as shall be sufficient to discharge said lien, together with costs of sale and advertising: Provided, That notice of such sale, together with the name of the person, or persons, to whom such goods shall have been consigned, shall have been first published for two successive weeks, in a newspaper, published in the county, and by six written, or printed handbills, put up in the most public and conspicuous places in the vicinity of the depot where the said goods may be.


17. Disposition of proceeds

The residue of moneys arising from any such sales, either under the first or second sections of this act, after deducting the amount of the lien, as aforesaid, together with costs of advertising and sales shall be held subject to the order of the owner or owners of property.


Reviewed by AAHS in July 2001.

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