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Michigan Liens for the Care of Horses




570.185. Lien of mechanic, artisan, or tradesman; manufacture of goods or keeping of animals

Sec. 35. Whenever any person shall deliver to any mechanic, artisan, or tradesman, any materials or articles for the purpose of constructing in whole or in part, or completing any furniture, jewelry, implement, utensil, clothing, or other article of value, or shall deliver to any person any horse, mule, neat cattle, sheep, or swine to be kept or cared for, such mechanic, artisan, tradesman, or other person shall have a lien thereon for the just value of the labor and skill applied thereto by him, and for any materials which he may have furnished in the construction or completion thereof, and for the keeping and care of such animals, and may retain possession of the same until such charges are paid.


570.187. Enforcement; sale; form of notice, proceeds

Sec. 37. In either of the cases mentioned in the 2 preceding sections, [FN1] if the owner of the property, materials, or stock so delivered, or the person entitled thereto shall not, when such article shall have been constructed, completed, altered, fitted, or repaired, or the time having expired for the keeping such stock, and the same being ready to be delivered to such owner or other persons, and the charges thereon shall be due and payable, pay to such mechanic, artisan, tradesman, or other person the amount of such charges, the person having such lien may enforce the same as hereinafter provided: Provided, however, Any mechanic, artisan or tradesman who shall make, clean, alter or repair any article of personal property at the request of the owner or legal possessor of personal property shall have a lien on such property so made, cleaned, altered or repaired for his just and reasonable charges for work done, and material furnished, and may hold and retain possession of the same until such just and reasonable charges shall be paid, and in default of payment may foreclose said lien, as hereinafter provided. When any property upon which a mechanic, artisan, tradesman, or other person shall have a lien for unpaid charges under this act shall remain in possession of a mechanic, artisan, tradesman or other person without payment and without proceeding at law in reference thereto, for a period of 9 months, such mechanic, artisan, tradesman, or other person may sell such property at public sale upon like notice and proceeding as in the case of a constable sale on execution. Thirty days before the date of said sale, such mechanic, artisan, tradesman or other person shall give notice of the time and place of said sale and the amount claimed, by depositing the same in the postoffice with postage prepaid and registered and addressed to the last known address of the said owner or person who delivered said property to such mechanic, artisan, tradesman, or other person and which notice may be in substance as follows:

................, Michigan.

..................., 19 ....

John Smith,

.................., Michigan.

You are hereby notified that I hold the property hereinafter described and claim a lien upon the same for work (and materials) and expenses in connection therewith, amounting to ............ dollars, and that I shall offer said property for sale at my place of business (in the township of ............), at number ............ street, in the city of ............, county of ............, State of Michigan, on the ............ day of ............, at ...... o'clock in the ............ noon, to satisfy the amount of my said claim and expenses.

Said property is described substantially as follows:



If such owner or other person in his behalf shall not pay the amount of such claim and charges before the advertised day of sale, said property shall thereupon be sold pursuant to said notice of sale, to the highest bidder, and said mechanic, artisan, tradesman or other person may become the purchaser. The proceeds of such sale shall be applied to the payment of said lien, costs and expenses, and the balance, if any, shall be paid to the city or township clerk of the city or township where such sale takes place, for the benefit of such owner, and notice of such deposit shall be sent to him by registered mail.


570.188. Suit for recovery of charges; commencement

Sec. 38. The person having such lien may commence a suit for the recovery of such charges in a court of competent jurisdiction against the person liable for the payment thereof.


570.189. Proceedings in case summons is personally served

Sec. 39. If such summons be returned personally served upon the defendant, the same proceedings shall thereupon be had, in all respects, as in other suits commenced by summons, in which there is a personal service of process, and judgment shall be rendered in such suit in like manner.


570.190. Proceedings in case defendant cannot be found

Sec. 40. If the officer return upon such summons, that the defendant cannot be found, within his county, the same proceedings shall be thereupon had, in all respects, as near as may be, as in suits commenced by attachment, in which there is not a personal service of a copy of the attachment upon the defendant, and judgment shall be rendered in such suit in like manner.


570.191. Judgment and execution

Sec. 41. If the plaintiff recover judgment in such suit, execution shall issue thereon in the same manner and with the like effect, as upon judgments rendered in suits commenced by attachment, and the property upon which the plaintiff holds such lien, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy such execution, may be sold thereon in the same manner as if it had been seized and held upon an attachment in such suit.


570.192. Application of chapter

Sec. 42. The provisions of this chapter concerning liens upon personal property, and enforcing the same, shall apply to all cases of personal property on which the bailee or keeper thereof has by law a lien for any keeping, feed, care or labor by him bestowed upon such property.


570.193. Additional lien for expense of keeping animals

Sec. 43. If the property upon which any such lien shall be enforced as provided in this chapter, consists of horses, cattle, sheep, swine, or other beasts, and any expenses shall have been incurred by the person having such lien after the same accrued, in keeping and taking care of such property, the amount of such expenses shall be an additional lien upon the property, and shall be computed and ascertained upon the trial, or assessment of damages, and included in the judgment.


Reviewed by AAHS in June 2001.

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