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Florida Liens for the Care of Horses




713.65. Liens for care and maintenance of animals

In favor of all persons feeding or caring for the horse or other animal of another, including all keepers of livery, sale or feed or feed stables, for feeding or taking care of any horse or other animal put in their charge; upon such horse or other animal.


713.73. Priority of foregoing liens

Liens for labor and liens for material provided for by this law shall take priority among themselves according to the times that the notices required to create such liens respectively were given or were recorded in the cases where record is required; that is to say, each such lien which shall have attached to the property shall be paid before any such lien which shall have subsequently attached thereto, shall be entitled to be paid.


713.74. Acquisition of liens by persons in privity with the owner

As against the owner of personal property upon which a lien is claimed under this part II, the lien shall be acquired by any person in privity with the owner by the performance of the labor or the furnishing of the materials. There shall be no lien upon personal property as against purchasers and creditors without notice unless the person claiming the lien is in possession of the property upon which the lien is claimed. The lien shall continue as long as the possession continues, not to exceed three months after performance of the labor or furnishing the material.


713.75. Acquisition of liens by persons not in privity with the owner

A person entitled to acquire a lien not in privity with the owner of the personal property shall acquire a lien upon the owner's personal property as against the owner and persons claiming through her or him by delivery to the owner of a written notice that the person for whom the labor has been performed or the material furnished is indebted to the person performing the labor or furnishing the material in the sum stated in the notice. A person who is performing or is about to perform labor or is furnishing or is about to furnish materials for personal property may deliver to the owner a written cautionary notice that she or he will do so. A lien shall exist from the time of delivery of either notice for the amount unpaid on the contract of the owner with the person contracting with the lienor and the delivery of the notice shall also create a personal liability against the owner of the personal property in favor of the lienor giving the notice, but not to a greater extent than the amount then unpaid on the contract between the owner and the person with whom the owner contracted. There shall be no lien upon personal property as against creditors and purchasers without notice except under the circumstances and for the time prescribed in 713.74 and for the amount of the debt due to the lienor at the time of the service of the notice provided for in this section.


713.76. Release of lien by filing bond

(1) Any lienee may release his or her property from any lien claimed thereon under this part by filing with the clerk of the circuit court a cash or surety bond, payable to the person claiming the lien, in the amount of the final bill, and conditioned for the payment of any judgment which may be recovered on said lien, with costs.

(2) Whenever a lienee brings an action in the appropriate court with respect to any property which has been wrongfully detained by a lienor in violation of this section, the lienee, upon a judgment in the lienee's favor, shall be entitled to damages, reasonable court costs, and attorney's fees sustained by the lienee by reason of such wrongful detention.

(3) Any lienor who, upon the posting of the bond, fails to release or return the property to the lienee pursuant to this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in 775.082 or 775.083.


Reviewed by AAHS in June 2001.

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