University of Vermont AAHS

West Virginia Equine Infectious Anemia Regulations


61-1-11. Equine Infectious Anemia.
11.1. The commissioner shall immediately quarantine any equine that is found to be an E.I.A. reactor. The quarantine shall extend to all exposed E.I.A. Animals and to any place or location that the commissioner considers necessary to protect the health of the equines of this state.

11.1.a. The commissioner may consider all racehorses handled by the same trainer as exposed E.I.A. Animals.

11.1.b. The commissioner may consider all other equines that have been housed in the same shed row or stall area as exposed E.I.A. Animals.

11.1.c. If the E.I.A. reactor has a foal, the foal should be isolated from the reactor by the owner as soon as possible after birth and E.I.A. tested. Any foal that is found to be an E.I.A. reactor shall be placed under quarantine by the commissioner. If the foal is tested at 12 months of age and found to be an E.I.A. reactor at that time, then the quarantine remains in effect and the commissioner shall brand the animal.

11.2. Under terms of the quarantine the commissioner shall require the E.I.A. reactor to be isolated from all equines by stabling or pasturing at least 200 yards from all other equines.

11.3. The commissioner shall identify all E.I.A. reactors with a visible freeze brand under the mane on the left side of the equine. The brand shall start with "54 A" and end with a number that the commissioner assigns to the equine.

11.4. The commissioner shall allow the E.I.A. reactor to be removed from the quarantine area only upon written permission.

11.5. The quarantine remains in effect for all exposed E.I.A. Animals after the E.I.A. reactor has been removed.

11.6. The commissioner shall not release the quarantine for exposed E.I.A. Animals until all exposed E.I.A. animals have been determined to be non-E.I.A. reactors at least 30 days after the E.I.A. reactor has been removed from the band.

11.7. The commissioner shall perform testing for Equine Infectious Anemia on any other equine that the E.I.A. reactor has been in contact with during the past 12 months, within the limits of his or her resources.

11.8. The commissioner shall not pay an indemnity for any E.I.A. reactor that must be destroyed.

Reviewed by AAHS in October 2001.

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