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This segment contains cases that deal with legal disputes involving the sale or ownership of horses, and disputes over the validity or interpretation of contracts involving the boarding of horses or services (such as breeding, farrier or veterinarian) to horses.

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Michigan Court of Appeals (1997) Defaulting purchaser of stallion not entitled to register foals
Connecticut Superior Court (1998) Husband and wife partners in horse business
Florida Court of Appeals (1999) Court orders formal accounting in partnership to own a horse
Florida Court of Appeals (1999) Court orders free horse board to be considered in corporate dissolution
Virginia Circuit Court (2000) Wrongful appropriation of jockey Diane Crump's name for commercial purposes

New York Appellate Division (2000) Court refuses to enforce a breeding contract because not in writing
Maryland Court of Appeals (2000) Stables' charge of 2 percent per month interest on unpaid accounts illegal
Wisconsin Court of Appeals (2000) Horse seller entitled to damages for attachment of property in lawsuit
Arizona Court of Appeals (2000) Absence of written bill of sale does not invalidate oral gift of horse
Washington Court of Appeals (2000) Arrangement to buy, train and sell horse was a joint venture

Ohio Court of Appeals (2000) Suit to recover stolen horse fails to prove horse was stolen
Georgia Court of Appeals (2000) Fraud suit over sale of horse fails--no misrepresentations and mere "puffing"
Alabama Court of Civil Appeals (2000) Fraud suit over auction sale of paint horse stallion fails
Arkansas Court of Appeals (2000) Land was not an asset of horse raising partnership
Iowa Court of Appeals (2000) Partnership was for two horses only, not a broader horse partnership

Ohio Court of Appeals (2001) Trainer successfully sues for unpaid board and training bills
Ohio Court of Appeals (2001) Provision in sales contract creating one year limit on lawsuits enforced
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2001) Horse owner required by lease to pay stables' attorney's fees
Tennessee Court of Appeals (2001) Court unravels complicated  breeding contract
Ohio Court of Appeals (2001) Boarder guilty of criminal trespass in removing horse without paying board

Ohio Court of Appeals (2001) Ownership/breeding contract interpreted as to proceeds distribution
Texas Court of Appeals (2001) Conspiracy to defraud in sale of horse at inflated price proved
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Sheriff liable for wrongful seizure of horses to enforce agister's lien
Michigan Court of Appeals (2001) Lawsuit for board debt dismissed
U.S. District Court (2001) Fair grounds maintenance employee not entitled to overtime pay

Mississippi Court of Appeals (2001) Court awards damages for breach of breeding care contract
Texas Court of Appeals (2001) Texas court has jurisdiction over Iowa company in dispute over horse trailer
Texas Court of Appeals (2001)
Exchange of horses was permanent, not temporary
U.S. District Court Pennsylvania (2001) No jurisdiction over New York seller of horse
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Court in Tennessee had personal jurisdiction over bloodstock agent in Belgium

Connecticut Superior Court (2001) Court orders daughter to return pregnant horse to mother
U.S. District Court, N.Y. (2001) Stallion owner fails in RICO lawsuit against stud
Connecticut Superior Court (2002) Horse farm owner wins in lawsuit against corral fence builder
Minnesota Court of Appeals (2002) No proof that lameness existed before the horse was sold
New Jersey Appellate Division (2002) Failure to disclose medical facts survives auction company "as is" sale

Wyoming Supreme Court (2002) Criminal conviction for selling leased horse to slaughter upheld
Ohio Court of Appeals (2002) Insufficient evidence horse was purchased from agent of owner rather than owner
Georgia Court of Appeals (2002) No evidence farm purchaser gelded stallion without owner's permission
Iowa Court of Appeals (2002) Court enforced lien for the care of horses in possession dispute
U.S. Court of Appeals (2002) No evidence Calumet Farm was defrauded in horse sale and repurchase

U.S. District Court (2002) Massachusetts court has jurisdiction over Florida seller of horse to Massachusetts purchaser
Wyoming Supreme Court (2002) Child had right to seize horse from parents' property to take to grandparents' house
Mississippi Court of Appeals (2002) No warranty of soundness when horse sold "as is"
Connecticut Superior Court (2002) Boarder abandoned horse, which was sold for back board
Delaware Court of Common  Pleas (2002) Failure to disclose broken bone on consignment form was breach of warranty

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (2002) Non-dues-paying members of horse club could file insiders' lawsuit against club
Iowa Court of Appeals (2003) No agister's lien for horse training separate from boarding
California Court of Appeals (2003) Court orders boarder to stop harassing stable owner over sale of horses
Connecticut Superior Court (2003) Failure to seller to disclose that horse bucks was fraud
Maine Superior Court (2003) Agreement about training race horse void because not in writing

Texas Court of Appeals (2003) Partial payment on purchase of horse was refundable deposit, not earnest money
Wisconsin Court of Appeals (2004) Defendant entitled to reduction for horse sales price not plead by plaintiff

Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Agreement to pay stud fee from foal sale proceeds was timing, not source of money provision
Georgia Court of Appeals (2004) Dispute as to ownership of foal requires a trial
Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Failure to purchase mortality insurance breaches stallion syndication agreement

Texas Court of Appeals (2004) Court refuses to set aside default judgment in breeding contract dispute
Pennsylvania Superior Court (2004) Incorrect description of horse's age trumps "as is" language in sales agreement
U.S. District Court, Oregon (2004) Shareholders of dissolved corporation may be liable for transportation injury to horse
Delaware Superior Court (2004) Court enforces oral contract between racehorse owner and veterinarian
Ohio Court of Appeals (2004) Transfer of possession of a horse was a gift, not a loan

Texas Court of Appeals (2004) Contract for sale of horse included board, training and later delivery to buyer

U.S. Court of Appeals (2005) Latent ambiguity in syndicate agreement permits extrinsic evidence

Ohio Court of Appeals (2005) Early filing bars suit

Appellate Court of Connecticut (2005) Plaintiff’s horse trainer not allowed to testify as lay witness

Superior Court of Connecticut (2005) Interference of use of leased property by owner requires reimbursement and repair

Ohio Court of Appeals (2005) Defendant faces penalties for keeping horse after recovering for misrepresented sale

Iowa Court of Appeals (2006) Gift requires clear transfer of ownership.

U.S. District Court (2006) Sanctions imposed following default judgment gained while same parties appeared in another jurisdiction.

Ohio Court of Appeals (2007)  Ambiguous lease purchase agreement results in secondary, criminal litigation.
Montana Supreme Court (2007)  Barter contract, unenforceable in Montana, does not prevent court from awarding horse to buyer.