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This segment contains cases that deal with legal disputes arising out of the racing of horses and the governmental regulation of that industry.

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United States Supreme Court (1979) Trainer may be suspended without a hearing if a prompt post-suspension hearing is provided

U.S. District Court New York (1998) Suspension of vet's track privileges illegal because no notice of charges

Mississippi Supreme Court (1999) Law prohibits casino from operating race book on its premises
New York Attorney General (1999) Off track betting corporation may not hold a harness racing meeting
Wyoming Attorney General (1999) Decisions of stewards regarding fouls are final and not appealable
Delaware Superior Court (1999) Owner convicted of fraud for falsely claiming Delaware residence for racing

U.S. District Court Michigan (2000) No evidence of gender discrimination in award of racing license
Ohio Court of Appeals (2000) Track with live racing not required to re-broadcast simulcast of Kentucky Derby
Virginia Circuit Court (2000) Court upholds conditioning thoroughbred meet days on also holding harness races
New York Trial Court (2000) Tax on simulcasting only to Connecticut violates Commerce Clause
New York Appellate Division (2000) No authority to permit live audio broadcasts into homes with account wagering
Maine Supreme Court (2000) Lawsuit challenging commercial track designation filed too late
Delaware Supreme Court (2000) Trainer suspension for high carbon dioxide set aside for procedural reasons
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2000) Suspended jockey should have appealed to racing commission not gone to court
Florida Court of Appeals (2000) Farrier barred from track brings libel and slander suit against security personnel
U.S. Court of Appeals (2000) Track operator fails to prove competitors conspired to violate antitrust laws

Florida Court of Appeals (2000) Tracks, not State, get breaks and outs from simulcasting
New York Appellate Division (2000) Trainer suspended for possession of syringe and needle in track tack room
Massachusetts Superior Court (2000) Trainer cannot recover for slip and fall injury because of release
Arkansas Attorney General (2000) County may hold horse races during fair without wagering
Oklahoma Attorney General (2000) Fair Associations subject to tax on proceeds from certain exotic wagers
Arkansas Attorney General (2000) Attorney General unable to rule on whether wagering on past races is lawful
Virginia Attorney General (2000) Satellite simulcasting facility requires separate approval of county or city voters
Virginia Attorney General (2000) Satellite simulcasting facility requires separate approval of county or city voters
Virginia Attorney General (2000) Licensed track may be approved to operate satellite facility before track is constructed

U.S. District Court Pennsylvania (2001) Vet loses on conspiracy charges against other vets and racing association
Delaware Superior Court (2001) Purse forfeiture for non-enhancing and non-masking drug set aside
Illinois Appellate Court (2001) Owner/trainer suspended for 360 days for enhancing drugs in 6 horses
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2001) Trainer suspended for 15 years for enhancing drugs in horse
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Racetrack acted as partner of state when it expelled trainer
New York Appellate Division (2001) Trainer suspended for giving incorrect information on horse identity
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Pari mutuel employee fails in effort to prove sexual discrimination
Florida Supreme Court (2001) Wagering license statute unconstitutional because applies only to one company
Massachusetts Court of Appeals (2001) Search on racecourse not valid as an administrative inspection
Ohio Court of Appeals (2001) Trainer suspension set aside because not based on rule violation
New Jersey Supreme Court (2001) Court upholds trainer suspension in dispute over drug testing methods
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Warrantless search of backstretch dormitory rooms was unconstitutional
Oklahoma Court of Appeals (2001) Dispute over simulcast proceeds should have been presented to racing commission
Oklahoma Attorney General (2001) Racing Commission not authorized to license machine betting on previously-run races
Illinois Attorney General (2001) Account wagering is not lawful in Illinois, but tracks may transmit races to account wagering states
Maryland Attorney General (2001) Maryland residents may not lawfully wager using

Delaware Supreme Court (2002) Commission rule prohibiting conduct adversely affecting racing honesty vague as applied
Florida Supreme Court (2002) Constitutional amendment initiative proposal violates single subject requirement
Ohio Court of Appeals (2002) Trainer suspended for cruelty to horses
Florida Court of Appeals (2002) Validity of trainer absolute insurer rule upheld
U.S. Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit (2002) Dover Downs not acting as agent of State in expelling owner from track
California Court of Appeals (2002) Trainer liable for unknowingly racing ineligible horse
Florida Court of Appeals (2002) Trainer may be jointly liable with track for racing horse on inappropriate surface
Nebraska Supreme Court (2002) Statute authorizing telephone wagering on horse races is unconstitutional
Iowa Court of Appeals (2002) Statute taxing racetrack slots and riverboat slots at different rates unconstitutional
Florida Court of Appeals (2002) Validity of race horse trainer absolute insurer rule upheld
New Jersey Superior Court (2002) Owner not required to forfeit purse when trainer suspended without owner's knowledge
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (2002) Five year jockey suspension for throwing race upheld
Oklahoma Attorney General (2002) Telephone or Internet pari mutuel wagering not made lawful by Interstate Horseracing Act
Oregon Attorney General (2002) Stalls purchased from pari mutuel handle belong to State, not to race horse owners
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2002) 10 year suspension for attempted possession of a "battery" at a track upheld
Massachusetts Appeals Court (2002) Stallion owner incentive awards belong to current owner
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2002) Fine against trainer for "milkshaking" a race horse upheld
Ohio Court of Appeals (2002) Commission's denial of satellite off-track license upheld
Michigan Court of Appeals (2002) Convictions of pari mutuel manager for stealing from track upheld
Texas Attorney General (2002) Great State Challenge races do not qualify for Breeder's Cup tax forgiveness
New York Appellate Division (2002) Trainer suspension for lidocaine in horse upheld

Massachusetts Court of Appeals (2003) Trainer suspension for cocaine in horse upheld under responsibility rule
Delaware Superior Court (2003) Fine for racing  two-year-old horse with bute upheld
Maryland Attorney General (2003) Racing Commission may delegate duties to bred associations
New York Appellate Division (2003) Placing trotter from second to fourth for breaking gait upheld

U.S. District Court, New York (2003) $3000 fine for tirade against stewards upheld against free speech and vagueness attack
New Jersey Appellate Division (2003) Delay by Racing Commission in making decision reinstates administrative judge's decision
Louisiana Supreme Court (2003) Horsemen entitled to larger share of video poker pie than tracks providing
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (2003) Cannot simulcast Quarter Horse or Arabian races
Ohio Court of Appeals (2003) Trainer suspended for undisclosed use of lasix
U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit (2003) Federal court should not have halted Bob Baffert's California suspension proceedings
Kentucky Court of Appeals (2003) Unflattering statements in tout sheet not defamatory because of opinion not fact
Texas Court of Appeals (2003) Accidental storing of retained urine sample at room temperature does not invalidate trainer suspension
California Court of Appeals (2003) No evidence track was negligent with regard to turf course rail
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2003) Trainer suspended for making fraudulent claiming race claim

New York Attorney General (2003) City cannot zone off track betting facility out of city
Massachusetts Superior Court (2003) Cannot conduct harness racing under license for running horse racing
New York Appellate Division (2003) Revocation of vet's track license upheld for administering illegal drugs
Ohio Court of Appeals (2003) Suspension of jockey's license for not riding with best effort set aside by court of appeals
U.S. District Court (2003) Barring aggressive claiming owner from racing may violate antitrust laws

Ohio Court of Appeals (2004) Trainer suspended under absolute insurer rule for Albuterol in horse
U.S. District Court (2004) Challenge made to rule limiting jockey agent to representing one jockey
U.S. Court of Appeals (2004) Using simulcast proceeds to benefit live racing upheld
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (2004) Ejection of jockey for past uses of battery upheld
Michigan Court of Appeals (2004) Track unable to collect on illegal pari-mutuel bet loses
Ohio Court of Appeals (2004) Suspension of trainer for hydromorphone in horse upheld
New York trial court (2004) Horse claimed at race is purchased "as is"
Delaware Supreme Court (2004) Fine and forfeiture for bute in 2 year old horse upheld
U.S. District Court (2004) Banning jockey for alcohol violations does not violate Americans with Disabilities Act

U.S. Court of Appeals (2004) Federal court will not enjoin Puerto Rican trainer suspension proceedings
U.S. Court of Appeals (2004) Court upholds N.Y. suspension of trainer based on Florida suspension

Florida Court of Appeals (2004) Trainer required by stall agreement to reimburse track for injury to employee
Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Kentucky Horse Racing Authority's denial of quarter horse racing license upheld
U.S. Court of Appeals (2004) Conduct detrimental to racing not vague as applied to owner's verbal tirade
Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Trainer responsibility rule in harness racing is constitutional

Ohio Court of Appeals (2004) Search of trainer's stall for drug equipment upheld
Minnesota Court of Appeals (2004) Validity of trainer responsibility rule upheld
Ohio Court of Appeals (2004) Trainer suspension upheld for possession and use of electrical shock device
New York Appellate Division (2004) Harness driver suspended for driving with indifference
New Jersey Appellate Division (2004) Assistant race horse trainer covered by state worker's compensation system

Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Cannot suspend racing commission license for possessing licensed firearm
New York Appellate Division (2004) Must include owner of winning horse when challenging race outcome
Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Jockeys have First Amendment right to wear Jockey's Guild and corporate logos while racing
Kentucky Court of Appeals (2004) Trainer failed to rebut presumption of responsibility for Prozac in horse
Delaware Superior Court (2004) Trainer suspended for horse that tested positive for dexamethasone

Texas Attorney General (2004) Whether local election results were properly certified is a question of substantial compliance

New York Appellate Division (2005) Jockey covered by worker's compensation despite expiration of license
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2005) Track was negligent when exercise horse injured himself on open infield gate
U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit (2005) Question to legality of out-of-state simulcasting referred to Florida Supreme Court

U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit (2005) No constitutional right to administrative review

Ohio Court of Appeals (2005) Failure to submit proof defeats license application

New York Supreme Court (2005) Racing board has discretion as to which expert if finds more credible

California Court of Appeal, First Dist., Div 5 (2005) Collision with shadow fence an inherent risk
Supreme Court of New Jersey (2006)  Groom’s accident with a horse outside racing Injury Board.
Ohio Court of Appeals (2005) Track may have duty to prevent escape of horse.

Supreme Court of New York (2006)  Exercise rider covered by workmen’s Compensation regardless of expiration date of license.
Kansas Court of Appeals (2006)  Training horses for racing not an agricultural use.
U.S. Court of Appeals (2006)  Court holds absolute insurer rule is constitutional
New York Supreme Court (2006)  Positive substance test creates rebuttable presumption or trainer responsibility.

U.S. District Court (2007)  Court refuses to dismiss jockey's suit for unauthorized use of winning Preakness ride.
Minnesota Court of Appeals (2007)  Court affirms dismissal of case requesting results of an examination for trainer's license.
Florida Court of Appeals (2007)  News article does not cause loss of Belmont Stakes.
New York Supreme Court (2007)  Injection of fluid evidence of aspiration.
Ohio Court of Appeals (2007)  Prior decision of racing commission closes matter.
U.S. Court of Appeals (2007)  Right to name thoroughbred horse not constitutional.
U.S. District Court, Indiana (2007)  Application by suspended trainer for license in another state fails.
New Jersey Superior Court (2007)  Trainer not entitled to Workmen's Compensation benefits.
U.S. Court of Appeals (2007)  Quasi-judicial immunity does not extend to protect officials from claims against their official capacities.