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Texas Court of Appeals (1993) Vet not liable for colic death of miniature horse

Nebraska Supreme Court (1994) Must one be a vet to practice equine denistry?

Arkansas Supreme Court (1995) Rodeo promoter not liable for spectator injury

Tennessee Court of Appeals (1996) Cannot sell horses to collect overdue pasture rent
U.S. District Court--North Carolina (1996) Travel agency not liable for riding accident on trip

Louisiana Court of Appeals (1997) Racing steward not negligent in failing to remove apprentice
Idaho Supreme Court (1997) Race track's release upheld against horse owner

Ohio Court of Appeals (1997) Jockey assumed risk of injury by being thrown onto rail
Texas Court of Appeals (1997) Insurance co. may be liable for concealing cause of horse's death
Minnesota Court of Appeals (1997) Did  barn's negligence cause horse's lameness?
Oklahoma Supreme Court (1997) Dog attack on horse doesn't violate animal control act

U.S. District Court--Kentucky (1997) Liability of trucker for horse death limited by bill of lading

Minnesota Supreme Court (1998) Who is an expert in equine lameness?

Wisconsin Court of Appeals (2000) Employer not negligent because of OSHA violation
Missouri Court of Appeals (2000) Insufficient evidence dogs had attacked sheep; dog killing illegal
U.S. Court of Appeals (2000) Seasonal pasture worker failed to prove age discrimination in discharge
New York Appellate Division (2000) Mule spooked during parade; city, police and VFW not liable for injury
U.S. Bankruptcy Court (2000) Boarding, training & lesson barn qualifies as a farm under bankruptcy law
Nevada Attorney General (2000) Driving while intoxicated law does not apply to riding a horse on a public road

U.S. District Court (2001) Claim for injury from pesticide must be based exclusively on federal law
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) 4-H volunteer status may have been terminated as speech retaliation
New Jersey Supreme Court (2001) Unmanned railroad crossing a dangerous condition on public land
Wyoming Supreme Court (2001) Board cannot revoke outfitter's license without evidence of industry standards
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Off-shore account wagering book violates federal law
U.S. Bankruptcy Court (2001) Loan obtained on false promise to purchase horses not discharged
Arizona Court of Appeals (2001) Clause requiring lawsuit against Appaloosa Horse Club in Idaho valid

Ohio Court of Appeals (2002) Court divides riding stables and horses between divorcing couple
U.S. Court of Appeals (2002) Cannot claim mislabeling defect on pesticide product when label approved by EPA
Pennsylvania Superior Court (2002) Pennsylvania court does not personal jurisdiction over The Jockey Club
Arkansas Supreme Court (2002) D.W.I. arrest for horseback riding while intoxicated illegal, but ok for pubic intoxication
U.S. District Court, Maine (2002) Carriage driver may be liable for injury to passenger when horses jolted forward

Florida Court of Appeals (2003) Galloping horse on public street at night not reason for police to stop rider
U.S. District Court, Florida (2003) Court dismisses anti-trust challenge to show recognition mileage rule
New York Appellate Division (2003) New York court has no jurisdiction over Kansas corporation for accident in Colorado
U.S. Court of Appeals (2003) No personal jurisdiction from general advertising and website presence in the state
New York Appellate Division (2003) Court enforces non-competition clause in vet's employment contract
Tennessee Court of Appeals (2003) Wagon driver sues county when mule slips off bridge
U.S. Bankruptcy Court (2003) Horses exempt from sale for creditors as tools of the trade

Texas Court of Appeals (2004) Not unconstitutional to use horses in free speech exercise crowd control
Tennessee Court of Appeals (2004) Ordinance prohibiting horse-drawn carriage stands within 100 feet of restaurants upheld

Pennsylvania Supreme Court (2004) Horse is not a vehicle in driving while intoxicated law
U.S. District Court, Delaware (2004) Canadian trainer subject to Delaware jurisdiction by racing horses in Delaware
Texas Court of Appeals (2004) Child kicked by father's horse cannot sue father under parental immunity doctrine
New York Appellate Division (2004) Owner of electrocuted horse cannot recover for emotional distress

Texas Court of Appeals (2005) Search of feed bin allowed
Massachusetts Court of Appeals (2005) Proof of dangerous propensities requires personal knowledge
U.S. District Court, Florida (2005) Court denies motion to recover attorney's fees
Texas Court of Appeals (2005) Farm's lack of available transport to vet as cause of filly's death
Shell v. Ohio Veterinary Licensing Board (2005) Veterinary Board required to give 5-day notice prior to any inspection
U.S. Court of Appeals (2005) Relief for defense expenses denied to former insurer of USEF
U.S. District Court of Arizona (2005)  Injunctive relief is granted to prevent removal of free-roaming horses from government land

Louisiana Court of Appeal (2005)  Registrations papers not proof of ownership

Texas Court of Appeals (2006) Court lacks jurisdiction over breeders association and directors
Michigan Court of Appeals (2006)  Deputy not responsible for damage caused during non-governmental removal of horses
U.S. Court of Appeals (2006)  Conduct disorderly even though Thacker upset by barn fire
Arkansas Ct. of Appeals (2006) Proof of show expenses required to raise support
Indiana Court of Appeals (2006Lack of notice or knowledge of proceeding sufficient for relief from default judgment
Texas Court of Appeals (2006)   Removing property not a burglary if items are to be taken to police
U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit (2006)  USEF regulation does not violate anti-trust laws
United States Court of Appeals (2006)  Court upholds bar from any employment in the equestrian industry
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2006)   Failure to allow inmate to wash off horse manure may be cruel and unusual punishment

Ohio Court of Appeals (2007)  Defendant gets fine and jail time for allowing cattle to run at large.
U.S. Bankruptcy Court (2007)  Recovery precluded by prior litigation.
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2007)  Residence alone does not determine 24-hour employment.
California Court of Appeal (2007)  Suit for improper prepurchase exam not barred.
Minnesota Court of Appeals (2007)  Unemployment law judge required to make finding of witness credibility.
California Court of Appeals (2007)  Injuries sustained by deputy returning from sjoeing his patrol horse are within scope of employment.
Ohio Court of Appeals (2007)  Road on private property does not require wagon brakes.
U.S. District Court, Ohio (2007)  Statute designed to protect industry; anyone present at an equine activity comes under statute.
Ohio Court of Appeals (2007)  Acepromazine use on stallion not cause of persistent erection due to significant time lapse.
U.S. District Court, California (2007)  Off-duty time spent in training patrol horses is compensable time.