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Here is what has been added to our site in the past several months:

Equine Activity Statutes

Maine Equine Activity Statute Amended
Added August 21, 1999.  Thanks to Julie I. Fershtman, J.D., for calling these amendments to our attention.

American Medical Equestrian Association Newsletter

New Horse Safety Articles

Harmony: The Guest Ranch Trail Ride
Added October 3, 1999

Criminal Charges Result from Trail Ride
Added October 3, 1999

Shackleford Banks Wild Horse Roundup
Added October 3, 1999

New HorseLaw Articles

Equine Activity Statutes: Part Two of An Update
Added October 3, 1999

Equine Activity Statutes: Part One of An Update 
Added August 7, 1999

Horses in the News

October 1999 Horses in the News: Part Two
Added October 16, 1999.

October 1999 Horses in the News: Part One
Added October 9, 1999.

September 1999 Horses in the News: Part Four
Added October 1, 1999.

September 1999 Horses in the News: Part Three
Added September 26, 1999.


New Law Cases for Horsemen

Lupi v. Home Creators, Inc.
Arena owner not liable for undiscovered leaky water pipe.  Added October 16, 1999

Atkins v. Stratmeyer
Owners were negligent in permitting horses onto highway.  Added October 10, 1999

Smith v. Hunting View Farm
Advanced student assumed risk of grooming injury.  Added October 10, 1999

Irish Hunt Farms v. Stafford
Worker's compensation coverage for instructor and trainer.  Added October 2, 1999

Turner v. Moore
Loading horse into trailer not covered by homeowner's policy.  Added October 2, 1999

Hall v. Klien
No warranty of gentleness of sale of horse.  Added September 3, 1999

Toole v. Dupuis
Owner not strictly liable for horse on highway.  Added August 27, 1999

Al's Trucking v. State Farm Ins.
Owner liable for negligently permitting horse on highway.  Added August 27, 1999

Vilhauer v. Horsemen's Sports, Inc.
South Dakota equine activity statute is constitutional.  Added August 14, 1999

Nielson v. AT&T
Ma Bell cannot benefit from Equine Activity Statute for trench death.   Added August 7, 1999

Herbert v. Archdiocese of New Orleans
Neighbor not liable for pole on horse owner's land before they purchased it.  Added August 7, 1999

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