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This segment contains cases that deal with injuries and illnesses to horses from all causes except for instances of horse abuse or neglect, which are covered in the segment on Cruelty to Horses.  Veterinary malpractice cases are included in this segment.

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<>Georgia Court of Appeals (1995) Georgia court has no jurisdiction over Nebraska vet who did prepurchase exam
Texas Court of Appeals (1995) Concealing cause of death in necropsy report extends statute of limitations

U.S. District Court, N.Y. (1997) No long-arm jurisdiction over N.J. vet in malpractice claim for prepurchase exam

Illinois Court of Claims (1998) University not liable for deaths of Lipizzaners from eating yew plants on campus
Texas Court of Appeals (1998) Summary judgment incorrectly granted in anesthesia death case
Michigan Court of Appeals (1998) Chiropractor may not practice on horses without supervision by vet

California Court of Appeal (1999) Expert evidence of standard of care necessary in veterinary malpractice cases
North Carolina Court of Appeal (1999) North Carolina court had no jurisdiction over Florida veterinarians
Nebraska Supreme Court (1999) Vet not entitled to summary judgment because no showing of lack of negligence
Connecticut Superior Court (1999) General negligence claim against vet does not require expert testimony

Texas Court of Appeals (2000) Requirement that plaintiff post bond does not apply in veterinary malpractice cases
U.S. Court of Appeals (2000) Veterinary malpractice case can be tried without specific evidence of cause of death
Louisiana Attorney General (2000) Police department may pay for veterinary treatment of police horse that collapsed

Delaware Superior Court (2001) Decline in market value, not lost winnings, measures injuries to racehorse
U.S. Court of Appeals (2001) Vet convicted of prescribing steroids for human use
New York Appellate Division (2001) Vet liable for death of horse through negligent use of anesthesia
Colorado Supreme Court (2001) Malpractice claim against vet requires expert testimony about standard of practice
Oregon Court of Appeals (2001) Veterinary Board sends case back for new suspension hearing
Texas Attorney General (2001) Veterinarian has no right to refuse to return animal because fee not paid
California Court of Appeals (2001) Negligent use of treadmill in clinic does not require vet expert testimony
Arkansas Supreme Court (2001) Owner cannot challenge statute dealing with positive EIA horse

Nebraska Supreme Court (2002) No proof that veterinary malpractice was cause of deaths of two horses
California Court of Appeals (2002) Trial court should have permitted jury to decide veterinary fraud claim
Georgia Court of Appeals (2002) Cannot sue for witnessing dog attacking newly born foal
U.S. District Court West Virginia (2002) Horse feed may have contained rat poison
Louisiana Court of Appeals (2002) Electric company liable for electrocution of horse rubbing against guy wire

California Court of Appeal (2003) Lawsuit for defective strangles vaccine barred by veterinary malpractice limitations period
Texas Court of Appeals (2003) Veterinary malpractice lawsuit requires expert testimony as to standard of care
Iowa Court of Appeals (2003) Lawsuit against state university veterinary hospital dismissed because of sovereign immunity
U.S. Court of Appeals (2003) Owner may be liable for sored horse without proof owner knew trainer had sored horse
U.S. Court of Appeals (2003) Notice of legal proceeding concerning sored horse by certified mail sufficient

California Court of Appeals (2004) Veterinary malpractice lawsuit requires expert testimony as to standard of care
California Court of Appeals (2004) Veterinarian liable for missing lameness cause in prepurchase examination

United States Dist. Court, W.D. Texas (2006)  Plaintiffs' expert allowed to testify regarding possible equine carriers
Illinois Court of Appeals (2006)  University veterinarian successfully sued for perfoming surgery without owners' permission

Montana Supreme Court (2007)  Alledgedly contaminated hay kills 19 horses.
Connecticut Superior Court (2007)  Veterinarian services not subject to Unfair Trade Practices Act.