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This segment contains cases dealing with legal liabilities for injuries suffered in ground handling horses or in being on the ground around horses.

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New York Appellate Division (1994) University liable for unsafe ground handling practice
Louisiana Court of Appeals (1994) Handler kicked by horse

West Virginia Supreme Court (1995) Visitor kicked by horse--no recovery
North Carolina Court of Appeals (1995) Police horse stepped on citizen; sovereign immunity

Minnesota Court of Appeals (1996) Owner may be liable for injury to farrier

Louisiana Court of Appeals (1996) Owner not liable for injury to vet assistant during tubing
Oregon Court of Appeals (1996) City not liable for injury after parade

New York Appellate Division (1997) Rider assumed risk horse would bolt while being saddled
Connecticut Superior Court (1997) Horse not a wild animal; owner's fault must be shown
Nebraska Superior Court (1997) Owner not liable for horse's injury to farrier
South Carolina Court of Appeals (1997) Owner not liable for horse's injury to veterinarian

Louisiana Court of Appeals (1998) Owner not liable for horse's injury to farrier
New York Supreme Court (1998)  Groom not liable for kick injury to horse identifier

Connecticut Superior Court (1999)  Negligence suit against vet does not require expert
New York Appellate Division (1999)  Trainer did not assume risk in loading accident
New York Appellate Division (1999) Advanced student assumed risk of grooming injury
New York Appellate Division (1999) Show manager assumed risk of being struck by horse in practice area

Louisiana Court of Appeals (2000) Owner not liable for injuries caused by horse bite
Utah Supreme Court (2000) Biting is not abnormal behavior for a horse; no liability for biting child hand feeding horse

Ohio Court of Appeals (2002) Owner discharged duty to notify boarding stables of biting habits of horse

New York Trial Court (2003) Owner may be liable for negligent unloading injury even without dangerous pony propensities

Rhode Island Supreme Court (2004) When horse stops being at large under liability statute is a jury question

Louisiana Court of Appeals (2005) State not liable for negligent injury to camper in city park

Superior Court of Pennsylvania (2005) Status as stallion alone does not establish liability

Michigan Court of Appeals (2005) No duty to keep farm dog under constant control

North Carolina Court of Appeals (2005) Instructor for the disabled loses due to release signed with employer

Texas Court of Appeals (2005) Sufficiency of precautions taken to protect employee is for the jury.  

Kentucky Court of Appeals (2006)  Barn fire killing three horses held not to be negligence
Michigan Court of Appeals (2006Viewing horses for sale is an equine activity

Arizona Court of Appeals (2007)  Failure to file a timely claim does not constitute consent for the child to file.
Georgia Court of Appeals (2007)  Plaintiff's horse lacks dangerous propensities.
New York Supreme Court (2007)  Workman does not recover on claim that horse caused fall from ladder.
California Court of Appeal (2007)  Man observing a rodeo through the perimeter fence is a spectator.