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Cruelty to Horses
Equine Activity Laws
Ground Accidents
Horse/Car Collisions
Horse Injuries & Illnesses
Horse Racing
Injuries to Children
Landowner's Liabilities
Land Use Disputes
Liability Releases
Mounted Accidents
Sales & Contract Disputes
Wild Horses


This area consists of law cases from courts throughout the United States that deal with horses, horse people, the horse industry,  and horse accidents.

The law cases in this area are provided as general information only and are not intended to be legal advice. You should not rely on them in planning your business or personal activities without first consulting an attorney in your state.

One can learn a great deal about safe horsemanship practices by reading law cases in which horse accidents have been litigated.

From reading these cases, one can also learn a great deal about the safety and business practices that the law demands of professionals and others engaged in the business of horses.

This area is updated periodically when new cases are decided.



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