287.221. Brand; adoption, identification number, recordation, dissimilarity

Sec. 1. A person who has cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, or goats may adopt a brand by applying to the secretary of state. The brand shall not be an earmark, tattoo, or vaccination mark. The secretary of state shall assign each brand an identification number and shall record the brand and number. The secretary of state shall not approve a brand unless the brand is different from all other valid brands.


287.222. Conspicuous placement on livestock, size

Sec. 2. A brand shall be placed in a conspicuous location on the livestock. A brand place on cattle shall be at least 3 inches high and on horses, hogs, sheep, or goats shall be at least 2 inches high.


287.223. Duration of brand; renewal; transfer; application forms; fees

Sec. 3. (1) An original brand shall be issued for 10 years and may be renewed for 10-year periods. Application for renewal shall be made within 90 days of the date of expiration.

(2) A brand may be transferred and is valid for 5 years from the date of transfer. A transferred brand may be renewed for 10-year periods.

(3) Application for an original brand or for renewal or transfer of a brand shall be made on forms prescribed by the secretary of state.

(4) An application shall be accompanied by a fee of $50.00 for an original brand, $20.00 for renewal of a brand, and $10.00 for transfer of a brand.

(5) Fees collected by the secretary of state under this act shall be credited to the general fund.


Reviewed by AAHS in July 2001.

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