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Great Equestrian Programs in Utah

Jan Dawson
President, AAHS

[reproduced from Winter 2000 Caution:Horses, Vol. 5, No. 4]

Logan and Salt lake City Utah were sites of two Secure Seat(sm) work shops in early December. Hosting the clinics were Dr. Bill Day, Extension Equine Specialist for Utah and Assistant Professor, Dr. Tiffany Day, Director of the Riding Program at Utah State University. There were no seats left at either workshops

Five demonstration riders from the USU Intercollegiate Show Team were used as guinea pigs and deserve a huge vote of thanks. They did five hours each day and were great! The best thing I can say about any riding program is that the riders appear to have solid basics and these young women sure did. Although we were addressing familiar areas were using an approach with which the riders were unfamiliar and they all were troopers. I would like to have them in all my workshops and clinics.

I was particularly impressed with their horses, all donated and in the program less than two years. I seldom get to see a program that is so practical and, so solid and it shows in the students and the horses. People tell me about their programs all the time but seeing is total proof. Good job, Tiffany!

Bill’s equestrian focus in his extension program is to bring more skills and knowledge to those who are faced with training members of their individual 4-H clubs. He also is interested in improving riding safety in all areas of amateur equestrian sports and is innovative in his approach. Both Bill and Tiffany are extremely experienced, professional horsemen and that makes a big difference. Either one could do quite nicely in the professional horse world.

While Bob and I were there we also did a two-hour presentation for the USU Distance Learning Program, a satellite course that can be taken for credit by students not located in Logan, UT. some of the students were even in centers outside of Utah.

If by harmony we mean a comfortable and compatible, and safe relationship between rider and horse, the Utah program is exceptionally good.

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