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Horsemanship Safety Articles

These articles are from past issues of the quarterly publication of the American Association for Horsemanship Safety, Caution: Horses.

Although each article is copyrighted by its author, permission is given to reproduce or reprint without charge any article for redistribution in a newsletter or similar non-commercial medium.

 Permission is conditioned on using the following creditline: "Reprinted with permission of the copyright holder and the American Association for Horsemanship Safety, Inc. AAHS is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation devoted to educating equestrians about safe horsemanship practices. AAHS, Golondrina Stables, P.O. Box 39, Fentress, TX 78622."

The following Safety Articles are available for viewing and downloading:

Initial Safety Lecture: The Nature of the Horse
The Safe Arena
The Expectation of Safety
Negligence and the Riding Instructor
Whose Fault Was It Anyway?

Fitting, Cleaning and Replacing the Helmet
The Riding Instructor
Pitfalls of Leasing Camp Horses

Negligence Oversimplified
The Secret Cure for the Sour School Horse
Model Guest Ranch Riding Information Sheet
Why Do Riders Fall?

Maximizing the Riding Lesson
Are You a 'Smart' Director?
Negligence and Foreseeability: "In the Event of an Emergency..."
If You Could Teach Only One Skill ... What Would It Be?
Fatigue: Does it mark a hidden negligence?

Book Review: Horse Handling and Grooming
The Quick Release Knot
Burnout at Camp
Look the Gift Horse in the Mouth

AAHS to Introduce Secure Seat(sm)
AAHS Previews Secure Seat(sm) Method of Teaching
Secure Seat(sm) The Goal - Part III

"Harmony" Articles from the President
Harmony: Camp Stewart Clinic and Trail Ride
Harmony: Outrageous Memories
Harmony: Fall in New Canaan
Harmony: The Death of a Friend
Harmony: A Comfortable Horse Is a Safe Horse
Harmony: The Guest Ranch Trail Ride
Harmony: 2,400 Years Experience Teaches Correct Seat a Must
Harmony: Speaking at the AHSA Convention 2000
Harmony: How Ever-changing Law Affects the Riding Instructor
Harmony: Drought-related Problems and Other Matters
Harmony: Great Equestrian Programs in Utah
Harmony: Let's Go on a Trail Ride -- Down the Road!
Harmony: Horse Show Safety
Harmony: What About Discipline?

 Navajo Project Continues
 Tying Up ... or Worse?
 Questions on Vesicular Stomatitis Answered
 The Gift of Giving
 Mounted Games

Secure Seat(sm) Meets Academia
A Trainer's Response to Article's Advice on Bits
AAHS News Items
Criminal Charges Result from Trail Ride Death
Shackleford Banks Wild Horse Roundup

Patented Safety Breakaway Stirrup Prevents Deaths from Dragging
Faulty Fueling Systems: Equine Version
AHSA Passes Mandatory Helmet Rule
Volcano National Park Trail Ride Sets Standard for Pre-ride Preparation
The Helmet Question

The New West, Trail Riding Then and Now
Multi-use and Potential Danger
The Safe Lunge Lesson
Trail Ride Safety--Rocky River Style
Letter to the Editor: Teaching Safe Horsemanship

Litigation Corner: Dude Ranch Trail Ride
Litigation Corner: Children's Camp Accident
Litigation Corner: Reading the Appellate Opinions
Litigation Corner: A Barrel Racing Case
Litigation Corner: Give Us Your Opinion

Endowing a Helmet Program
From Natural to Second Nature
Horse-related Deaths in North Carolina 1978-1999
Safety Advice for a Horse Vet
Customer Safety During Veterinarian Treatment

National Injury Data Reveals Details About Accidents
Equine Law Course to be Taught at University of Texas Law School
Osteochondritis Dessicans: Translated

Bomb-Proofing the Horse
Letter to Editor: Taking On That Elephant
Ontario Enacts a Strong Helmet Law


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