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President’s Column by Jan Dawson President, AAHS  

 We Now Have Our Own Organization

[Reproduced from Caution:Horses, Vol. 1, No. 1 Fall/Winter 1995]

We have finally done it! It's a bit scary, but now we have our own organization and we are different. AAHS Officers come from four states: Vice-Presidents Nancy Lunzer (Nebraska), Brenda Tallmon (Pennsylvania), Jane Kellerman (Ohio); Secretary/Treasurer Bob Dawson and I (Texas). Our growing Board of Directors represents a cross-section of the industry and is quite dispersed geographically. The officers serve at the pleasure of the Board.

AAHS is a federal tax-exempt, non-profit corporation. We will attempt to represent impartially the safety interests of the various segments of our diverse industry and to serve the public's need for accurate information about horsemanship safety.

The founders of AAHS share the belief that no matter how good an individual's teaching skills are, the students cannot learn what the instructor doesn't know. Being able to teach counts for nothing if one has nothing to teach.

We are also committed to the idea that beginners can and should be taught correctly. In many areas, beginners are taught in such a way that if they decide to ride seriously some day a professional instructor must start them over for lack of correct basics. We believe that one can teach a proper soft, balanced seat and soft, humane hands to beginners - English or western - from the beginning and that this can be done quickly and efficiently.

Our curriculum, which we have tested in the field for over two years, does just that. AAHS clinics taught by one clinician in one part of the country will have the same curriculum as that taught by another AAHS clinician somewhere else. We want our supporters to be able to count on a consistent product.

We have developed a system by which we can teach one person to teach others to ride safely. Our commitment and promise to our members and customers is to offer a viable product and be accountable for it. This systematic approach has been used for 10 years by me to train my own instructors. It has been developed into a curriculum that has been overwhelmingly successful everywhere it has been offered. We welcome all inquiries and will be happy to discuss our program with anyone. We can arrange speakers, clinics and seminars in your area.

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