University of Vermont AAHS

Endowing a Helmet Program

[reproduced from Winter 2000 Caution:Horses, Vol. 5, No. 4]

October 19, 2000

Dear Jan,

I have been thinking of ways to encourage young people to wear helmets ever since I returned from your class [at AAHS headquarters in April 2000].

Several months ago my wife and I endowed our community foundation with a substantial sum and created the Horsemanship Safety Program in which we will give free of charge an approved helmet of the rider's choice to any young person through the age of 18, provided they are a member of an organized riding group, 4H, Pony Club, etc., or are receiving instruction from a certified instructor.

So far we have received more than 200 applications and granted 178 helmets. The endowment will earn enough to grant about 250-300 helmets a year for as long as the foundation exists. We are more than pleased with the response so far.

Best regards,

Jim Ottevaere
Washington, Michigan
AAHS Safety Certified Riding Instructor

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