University of Vermont AAHS

Secure Seat(sm) Meets Academia

Jan Dawson
President, American Association for Horsemanship Safety

[Reproduced from Caution:Horses, Volume 4, No. 2, Summer 1999]

Dr. Elizabeth Greene introduced the Secure Seat(sm) method of teaching riding to yourself or others in a paper authored by Greene and Jan Dawson at the National Conference on Equine Nutrition and Physiology. The response at the national academic level in June was overwhelmingly positive. For those who are interested, reprints of the Secure Seat(sm) paper are available from the AAHS office for $2.00 and a self addressed, stamped envelope.

We have begun giving clinics in the Secure Seat(sm) method of teaching oneself or another to enable the rider to be secure and make the horse comfortable as quickly as possible. The seat is nothing new. It is the standard balanced seat that is the basis for all riding disciplines. What is different is the way we get to it. Learn the Secure Seat(sm) method and you will never have to go back to your trainer or your instructor to get tuned up. You will have all the tools yourself.

We have now taught several specifically Secure seat(sm) clinics and the response is excellent. The AAHS Horsemanship clinics seem much easier now that we can address the problem of why someone’s horse seems to resist. It has been great fun to see the result of taking common everyday exercises and turning them into a teaching method that consistently has some real oooo-aaaah moments.


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