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The American Barn Dog Registry Says…



Why be the only stable, farm, ranch, home with a paddock, or city apartment and lots of hope without a registered American Barn Dog.  These dogs, which come in all shapes and sizes and are sometimes cross-registered, are the stable staple.  Every barn has at least one.


From the head of ranch security to simple marker of the property line and all visiting trailer tires, the barn dog is a fixture wherever there are horses.


Several categories are available to accommodate the great variety within the “breed.”


Categories include but are not limited to:  Senior Barn Dog, 10 years and up; Ranch Dog, Cow type; Ranch Dog, Sheep type; Ranch Dog, Miscellaneous type; Camp Dog; Riding Stable Dog; Lesson Barn Dog; One-horse-barn Dog; Urban Barn Dog; Fox Hound (not employed by a hunt); Chow Hound; Apartment Dwelling Wannabees; Porch Sleepers; Driveway Sleep and Never-movers; and Honorable Cat Chasers.


Each registered Barn Dog will receive an official Barn Dog Registry registration certificate suitable for framing.


To register your barn dog send $10 and a photo to “Barn Dog Registry”  P.O. Box 39, Fentress, TX  78622.


The American Barn Dog Registry is sponsored by AAHS.  Hooligans of San Antonio will sponsor the competitions.  Future plans include regional and national Barn Dog Shows with judging to be on the qualities important to Barn Dogs.


All proceeds will go to finance AAHS’s many services, not the least of which is this newsletter.

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