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BOOK REVIEW: Storey's Horse Lover's Encyclopedia -- An English & Western A - to - Z Guide


[reproduced from Spring 2004 Caution:Horses]


Edited by Deborah Burns

Storey Communications, 2001


This Encyclopedia has been out for several years.  It was good when it came out and it still is.  In our opinion in is the best popular equine encyclopedia on the market today.


When Horse Lover's Encyclopedia first came out we spot-checked several references and types of categories.  We continually use this volume and find that it seems to have no bias of any kind.  It is consistently accurate, clear, up-to-date, and does not lean to trendy definitions.


If there is any weakness in this book it is with the descriptions of Western show attire, which are hard to keep up with at best.


This book is a solid addition to any equestrian reference shelf.

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