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Teaching Safe Horsemanship Required for USDF Instructor Candidates

  [reproduced from Winter 2002 Caution:Horses]

USDF CONNECTION, the official publication of the United States Dressage Federation, contains in the January 2003, issue a list of the books used in the USDF Instructor Certification Program. 

There are three lists, Required, Strongly Recommended, and Recommended. The AAHS handbook, Teaching Safe Horsemanship by Jan Dawson, (Storey Publications 1997) is on the required list. This book is scheduled to be out in a revised second edition in the fall of 2003. 

Other books on the USDF Required list include Principles of Riding, Advanced Principles, Lungeing, USDF Lungeing Manual, USDF Training Manual, The Gymnasium of the Horse, Dressage Tips and Training Solutions, The Complete Training of Horse and Rider, The Riding Teacher, Thinking Riding, Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners, and Fit for Riding.

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