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Equine Reproduction
This site links you to the following articles on breeding:
  • Progesterone treatment for preventing foal "slip"
  • Early breeding may result in pregnancy loss
  • Management practices on stud farms
  • Improving the fertility of horses
  • The effect of mare factors on offspring potential
  • Treatment comparisons for uterine infections
  • What happens to foals that don't get colostrum?
  • And much more
This site has many articles about equine reproduction.  It also has a site search engine to search for keywords.  The following articles can be found on this site:
  • The costs of setting up a laboratory for semen collection and processing
  • Granulosa-thecal cell tumor in the mare
  • Breeding a mare with transported semen - some pointers
  • Thawing and preparing frozen semen for insemination
  • Getting set up for semen collection and transport
  • Constructing and "In the Field" slide warmer
  • Oxytocin use in the mare during breeding
  • And many more informative articles

Mare Care and Breeding
"The Foaling Mare" - Gestation length, early signs, predicting foaling time, parturition stages
This site links to the following articles:

  • Breeding safety
  • Breeding soundness
  • Early embryonic death
  • Embryo transfer
  • Endometritis
  • Estrous cycle primer
  • Fetal monitoring
  • Genetic testing
  • Prediciting foaling
  • Teasing mares
  • Ultrasound
"Care of the Newborn Foal" - Guidelines for early management of the newborn foal which is critical to its health and development.
"The Foaling Mare Management Guildelines" - Preparing the stall, signs of approaching foaling, final preparations, and the three stage labor process.
Well-being of the pregnant mare, vaccines, deworming, changing needs, impending birth, and preparing for birth.

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