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Pasture Management
"Prescribed Grazing Management to Improve Pasture Productivity in New York" an article written by Darrell Emmick and Dr. Danny Fox.  This article has great information about pasture management and also discusses topics such as:
  • Water
  • Shade
  • Paddock Shape
  • Orientation of the Paddocks
  • Soil Fertility
  • Pasture Seeding
This web site will bring you to a University of Vermont Extension page that has information on grazing and pasture management for a number of species of animals.
 "Establishing and Managing Horse Pastures in Vermont
This web site offers information on pasture care and management for horses as well as hay production tips and the feeding of forages to horses and some of the major concerns.  The main topics include:

  • Basics of Horse Nutrition
  • Pasture for Horses
  • Hay for Horses
  • Health Concerns When Feeding Forages to Horses
This web site offers an interactive quiz on poisonous plants.  It also has a number of informational sheets available on the following topics:
  • Fall pasture fertility management after a drought
  • Hay for horses
  • Managing horse pastures
  • Poisoning of horses by plants
"Horse Pasture Management" informational article by Dave Robison on the proper care and management of pasture land

This site has excellent infromation on a number of pasture management aspects including:

  • Pasture Improvement
  • Grazing Systems
  • Shelter and Water
  • Boundaries
  • Grasses
  • Weeds
  • Soils
  • Fertilizer
  • Conservation

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