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Equine Nutrition
This site links you to the following articles about nutrition:

  • Racehorse Feeding Practices
  • Biotin Supplements in Feed
  • Supplementing with Fat
  • Nutrition of Grazing Broodmares, Their Foals, and Young Horses
  • Change in Diet May be the Solution for Horses that Suffer from Tying Up

List of plants that are toxic to horses and gives links to each species to view a picture of each plant

Equine Journal
The following articles can be retrieved from this site:

  • Blister Beetles Pose Deadly Problem in Horse Hay
  • Creep Feeding Provides Needed Nutrients to Nursing Foals
  • Energy Needs of Horses Vital to Sound Feeding Management
  • Understanding Energy is a Key Part of Feeding Horses Correctly
  • Buying Hay
  • Selecting Hay

North Carolina State University
"Horse Feeding Management" - Cold weather feeding practices for horses
"Horse Feeding Management" - High-fat diets for horses

Purdue University
"Nutritional Management for Horses" - Anatomy, essential nutrients, rations, management techniques
"Selecting Quality Hay for Horses"
"Maximizing the Value of Pasture for Horses"

Southern States Cooperative
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The following articles can be found there:


  • Buying Better Hay
  • Forage Foundations
  • Growing Your Own Hay
  • Round Bales
  • Reduce Pasture Weeds
  • Colic Prevention
  • Electrolytes and Antioxidants
  • Feed Alternatives
  • Overweight Horse
  • Probiotics
  • Rice Bran
  • Vitamin E
  • Geriatric Horses
  • And Many More

University of Kentucky
Scroll down to view the following articles which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them:

  • ASC-111  Feeding Young and Growing Horses
  • ASC-112  Feeding the Broodmare
  • ASC-113  Nutrition of the Performances Horse
  • ASC-114  Basic Horse Nutrition
  • ASC-115  Formulating Rations for Horses
  • ASC-120  Forages for Horses
  • ASC-143  Equine Feeding Management
  • ASC-145  Condition Scoring for Your Horse

Kentucky Equine Research

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