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CREAM (Co-operative for Real Education in Agricultural Management)
Dressage Team
Equestrian Team
FARMS (Farm and Agricultural Resource Management Stewards)
Horse Barn Co-op
Morgan Horse Farm
Miner Institute
UVM/Ontario Veterinary College
UVM/Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Students, the University of Edinburgh Placement Agreement
UVM/University of Glasgow Matriculation Agreement

CREAM 07 StudentsCREAM

CREAM, Co-operative for Real Education in Agricultural Management, is a student run dairy herd. Students perform all of the barn chores and manage the whole operation. There are currently around 30 Holstein cows plus replacement heifers in the herd, which is one of the highest producing and genetically superior herds in Vermont. The cows are all housed and milked in the CREAM barn. Around 15-16 students enter the program for one year each year and gain 8 credits. Many have no background in dairy or livestock at the start but soon acquire it! CREAM provides a superb learning experience.

Student on a dressage horse.Dressage Team

The UVM Dressage Team is a club sport that gives the opportunity for riders interested in dressage to compete at the interscholastic level on the UVM team.  For contact information please visit the Dressage Team web site at or contact coach Bonnie Timmerman at Birch Ledge Farm at 802-345-3807. 

John Piggot lst place winner of
 Cacchione Cup.Equestrian Team

The UVM Equestrian Team promotes an interest in horsemanship for all students. Through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association the opportunity to ride is available to every student at the University. The Team/Club provides an opportunity to compete against other colleges as well as ride weekly. The UVM Equestrian Team also provides an excellent social opportunity, as students of different ages and backgrounds meet to form a team.

A student longlining a horse.EQUUS

EQUUS is a hands-on horse management course modeled after the very successful student dairy management program CREAM. Students sign up for two semesters (8 total credits) to perform horse barn duties, keep records and help make financial and management decisions associated with the horse boarding facility. EQUUS students are assigned Equine Studies school horses to care for and exercise, in addition to performing daily horse chores. Equine Science Program homepage

A student with a
 calf.Farm and Agricultural Resource Management Stewards (F.A.R.M.S.) Program

Offered in cooperation with the Vermont Technical College, the Farm and Agricultural Resource Management Stewards (F.A.R.M.S.) program enables students to make a seamless transition from dairy farm management at VTC to a second two years at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at UVM.

Hayley Borah
 and her Quarter Horse, OakleyHorse Barn Co-op

The UVM Horse Barn is a cooperative barn for UVM students who wish to bring their horse to college with them. Members are responsible for taking complete care of their horses, are required to do general barn chores, must sign up for horse watch, and attend and actively participate in barn meetings. Members must also sign up for a 0.5 credit class studying practical aspects of equine management practices.

Tim Willard at Riverglen
 Tiger Sanctuary Internships
Not all learning can occur in classrooms or in a library. The department is strongly committed to experiential learning. While some experience can be achieved through programs like CREAM or EQUUS, more specialized training is often more appropriate for some students. The student sets up a learning experience with the help of an experienced faculty member. This may be in the US or abroad and it may be during a semester or for a break. Recent examples of internships include working with the gorilla colony at the San Diego Zoo, rehabilitating injured raptors in Alaska and working with the Morgan Horse Association in Shelburne, Vermont. ASCI Internships

UVM Morgan Horse FarmUVM Morgan Horse Farm
"A Custodian of the Morgan Breed"

The Morgan was the first horse breed developed in the United States. It is the state animal of Vermont. The UVM Morgan Horse Farm is located in Weybridge, Vermont and is part of the Department of Animal Sciences. The farm breeds, shows and sells Morgan horses and is engaged in education and research in equine reproduction. Many Equine Science class are held at the farm, which also provides opportunities for undergraduate research. Several horses bred at the farm have held national or world titles including UVM Tennyson. UVM Morgan Horse Farm homepage

The Dairy Barn at the Miner
 Institute. Miner Institute

The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute is located in Chazy, New York and consists of 8,600 acres. Work experience for Farm Management students on the Institute dairy farm include milking, herd management chores, and a variety of field work activities such as tillage, planting, and harvest. The Summer Experience in Farm Management introduces students to the modern farm as a business, which has as its objective the conversion of plants into milk and meat. This program is available to agriculture and life science students in their junior or senior years of study. View YouTube video.

UVM/Ontario Veterinary College

The University of Vermont and the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary (OVC), an accredited veterinary school which provides a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, have an agreement whereby OVC will hold two places in the first year of the program for students from the University of Vermont who meet the requirements for admission. Both parties agree and acknowledge that these places may not be occupied by students who are Canadian citizens or who hold Canadian Permanent Residency status. The places will be held until the end of March for entrance in September of the same year.

Students may apply for admission to the program via the Veterinary Medical College Application Service or directly to OVC through its normal application process for international applicants. For admission, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the sciences and meet the minimum score for the Graduate Record exam (GRE). Additional course work includes two semesters each of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology (all with labs) and one semester each of calculus, statistics, biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology. Applicants must have a minimum of fifteen credits in each of their eight semesters of undergraduate work at UVM. For additional information, contact the ASCI Administrative Coordinator, at 802-656-0155 or email

UVM/Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh (UoE, R(D)SVS) Placement Agreement

The University of Vermont and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh (UoE, R(D)SVS), have entered into an early entrance admission placement program that will make available three guaranteed places for UVM early application students. Application to the UoE, R(D)SVS early admission program can be made at the end of the second year (four semesters) with predetermined science and math courses completed and a minimum GPA of 3.40. If accepted, the 3.40 or above GPA has to be maintained until the time of graduation. Admitted students must receive adequate animal handling experience throughout their residence at UVM. The type of experience required can be coordinated between the student and the UoE, R(D)SVS. Opportunity will exist to credit some components of UVM teaching in animal husbandry and animal handling as accredited prior learning for the Edinburgh degree. Advice will be given by UoE, R(D)SVS, in consultation with UVM, as to what courses can be credited. If requested, opportunity to undertake a four-week vacation clinical placement (companion animal and/or equine) at UoE, R(D)SVS will be available to all students in the program.

UVMTufts University/Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine Program

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, located in a beautiful New England setting in North Grafton, Massachusetts, offers undergraduates at UVM an opportunity to apply for admission in the spring of their sophomore year. A limited number of students are admitted; they are guaranteed a space in the veterinary school after completing their B.S. degree at UVM, if they have maintained the required grade-point average upon graduation.  See Tufts Early Acceptance Program for more details.

Tufts is a student-centered school with an innovative flexible curriculum offering both electives and selectives in addition to a balanced core experience. They have developed five signature programs that push the traditional boundaries of veterinary medicine: International Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Medicine, Equine Sports Medicine, Veterinary Biotechnology, and Ethics and Values in Veterinary Medicine. (adapted from the Tufts Veterinary School Web Homepage)

UVM/University of Glasgow Matriculation Agreement

The University of Glasgow (UoG), Glasgow, UK and UVM have formed an agreement whereby UVM students can complete a joint B.S./BVMS degree attending UoG in their fourth year at UVM. UVM may send 5-10 students yearly who have successfully completed three years of study in the University of Vermont Animal Science Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program to the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery program (BVMS) hosted by the School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences at Glasgow. Participating students will continue as candidates for degrees from their home institution (UVM) and will not, at the end of the first year of UoG, be eligible candidates for degrees from the host institution (UoG). Credit for subjects taken at UoG will be transferred to UVM to fulfill the requirements for awarding successful students a B.S. degree in Animal Science from UVM at the end of their fourth year. University of Vermont students meeting matriculation requirements and successfully completing Year 1 of the BVMS program at the University of Glasgow will be offered a direct entry place in Year 2 of the BVMS program. Applications from University of Vermont students to study at UoG must reach UoG by January 1st for commencement in September of that year. Students interested in this opportunity should confirm their eligibility to study abroad through the Office of International Education, paying particular attention to Financial considerations.

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