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Student Exchange Program

To provide undergraduate and graduate students at the New England Land-Grant Universities with expanded access to unique programs and faculty expertise, the institutions have agreed to encourage short-term student exchanges.  Students with special academic interests may take advantage of the talent and resources available at the state universities of the region, without becoming a degree candidate at another institution.

Requirements for Student Participation:

To participate in this program, students must:
  • Identify at least one course or combination of courses related to their area of academic interest that is not available on their home campus, or that is available, but is taught with a significantly different viewpoint or methodology.  (Information on programs at the New England state universities may be obtained from the following sources:  the World Wide Web, catalogs on file in university libraries, the academic vice presidents' offices, individual faculty members and departments, and Student Exchange advisors listed below).
  • Obtain approval from their appropriate academic advisor, either at the department or college level.
  • Receive permission from the university exchange authorities at both the sending and receiving institutions.
  • Meet the minimum eligibility requirements.  Undergraduates must be degree candidates, be in good standing, have at least 2.5 GPAs, and be at least first-semester sophomores.
Graduate students must have been admitted to a degree program, be in good standing, and have the permission of their dean's office.

Exchanges may not exceed two academic semesters, but these do not have to be taken consecutively, and they may be taken at two different universities.

Tuition and Fees
Students will pay normal tuition and required fees to their home institution.  Room and board (where applicable) will be paid to the host institution.  As far as possible, the institutions will provide reciprocity for athletic facilities, libraries, health services, etc.  In a few instances it may be necessary for the home institution to waive certain fees and for the student to pay alternate charges at the host campus.  The Student Exchange advisor on each campus can assist the student in determining which fees are applicable.

Financial Aid
Students should contact their home institution's financial aid office to determine their eligibility for assistance during an exchange period.

Credits and Grades
Course work approved by the student's home institution and completed satisfactorily is fully transferable.  Acceptance of grades and their inclusion as part of grade point averages are subject to policies of the home institution.

Resident Status
Time spent in the Student Exchange Program cannot be used to establish residency in a state.

Because of differing policies and calendars governing group insurance, participating students are responsible for determining that they have continuous and comparable coverage, to insure protection both at the host institution and in travel to and from the home and host campuses.

NOTE:  To allow sufficient time for completion of the approval process, students should contact their Student Exchange advisors regarding deadlines and procedures as early as possible.

Student Exchange Advisors
(Contact the people listed below to arrange to participate in the
Council of Presidents' Student Exchange Program)

University of Connecticut
Lisa McAdam Donegan
NSE Coordinator & Program Assistant
Study Abroad Programs
Janet Greger
Vice Provost
Research and Graduate Education

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sheila Brennan
Domestic Exchange and Five College
Interchange Office Coordinator
James F. Walker, Jr.
Acting Dean, Graduate School

University of New Hampshire
Carolyn Tacy
Exchange Coordinator
Bruce Mallory
Dean, Graduate School

University of Vermont
Keith Williams
Dean, Graduate College

University of Maine
Carol Cote
National Student Exchange Coordinator
Scott, Delcourt
Director, Graduate School

University of Rhode Island
Dania Brandford-Calvo
Director of International Education
And National Student Exchange
Harold Bibb, Janet Kulberg
Associate Deans, Graduate School

Council of Presidents
New England Land-Grant Universities

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