Choak BulakulUVM Alumnus, Choak Bulakul is the son of the founder of Farm Chokchai, an American Western style theme park located in Thailand.  Choak was recently  featured in Dairy & Beef magazine.  Click here to read the entire article.

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As of Fall 2003:

Isis (Kanevsky) Mullarky ’96, MS ’98 Isis just defended her Ph.D. at Penn State University in the Pathobiology program. She has accepted a post-doctoral position at the Trudeau Institute, where she will be working with Dr. Steve Smiley. Isis and husband DK are very excited to be  heading back north and she is looking forward to becoming an active alumni.  She sends her warm regards and can be reached at .

Kevin Kouri ’00 Kevin completed his Master’s in Dairy Nutrition and is currently a feed salesman for Poulin Grain. He recently became Poulin’s sales representative to the UVM CREAM herd and UVM Farm.

Dan Ferullo ’01 Dan is in the graduate program in microbiology at  Brandeis University. He is still doing rotations to figure out what area he will study. Dan can be contacted at  

Meghan Theman ’01  Meghan is currently attending Veterinary School in Australia. Meghan can be contacted at

Denise Benvenuto ’02 Denise is currently attending veterinary school at Iowa State. She plans to concentrate on bovine medicine.

Tara Miller ’02   Tara worked in Vermont for a year after graduation at the Veterinary Surgical Center, but has since moved to a warmer climate. She is now in San Diego working at the VCA Emergency Clinic and Referral Center on the surgery team. She plans to apply to veterinary school in the near future. Tara can be contacted at

As of Spring 2003:

Natalie Martus ’91 – Natalie is the owner, business manager and resident non-professional of Remuda Cutting Horses in Redmond, Oregon. Her business is training, showing and selling cutting horses, and she travels nationally to compete. While at UVM, Natalie was active in the ASCI Department as well as the Horse Club, and was Barn Manager for two years. Remuda Cutting Horses is a great job opportunity for students, and if anyone is interested, please contact Natalie at .

Heather Gilkes-Zaidel ’98 – Heather graduated from Cornell Veterinary School in 2002, and is now a practicing veterinarian in the Plattsburg area. In July ’02 she married a former classmate, Jake Zaidel, who is also a practicing vet.  Even though they both concentrated on large animals in their courses of study, they are sharing a small animal practice. Heather says they miss the large animals sometimes, but not when the weather is 10 below zero!  She can be contacted at

As of  Fall 2002:

Tammy (Veldman) Edmonds '93    Tammy is presently living in Idaho and working for Monsanto Dairy Business as a Customer Care Advocate out of her home. She has three children and is expecting a fourth any day! Needless to say she is very busy with family and work, but says life is great! Tammy can be contacted at tjedmonds@MSN.COM

Patti Brennan '95    Patti is in her second year of vet school at Colorado State University. She regularly sees many ASCI graduates there, and things are going well. She can be reached at pattib24@HOTMAIL.COM

Beth (Palmer) Herman '95    Beth is married and living on a farm in Indiana. She had a baby boy in October and named him Thomas Randall. On the farm they milk 70 Holstein cows and have 3 Jersey cows ready to calve in the spring. By next June they plan to have a milking parlor and will be milking 85 cows. Beth can be reached at

Ed Berman '00    Ed is currently attending Colorado State University Veterinary School. He can be reached at

Christopher Eaton '00    Chris is working at the University of Minnesota’s veterinary teaching hospital training as a “float” technician. He will work in any department on an as need basis. He is planning on applying to vet school there. Chris can be contacted at

Kylie Daniels '01    Kylie is currently working on a Master's degree in Dairy Management at Purdue University and hopes to finish in August 2003. Her focus is on the transition cow and her research has involved prepartum milking of first calf heifers and feeding behaviors of transition cows under differing management practices. Kylie can be contacted at

Denise Benvenuto '02    Denise is presently working full time at Tufts University Foster Hospital for small animals as a medicine technician. She takes care of the in-patients except those in ICU. She has applied to some vet schools and is waiting to hear back. Denise can be reached at

Morgan Fleishman '02    Morgan has dropped a line to let us know how it is going in the “real” world for her. Currently, she is working as a research technician at Harvard Medical School for breast cancer research. She is able to participate in DNA research as well as learn many new microinjection/micromanipulation techniques. She is planning to go to graduate school there. Morgan can be reached at

Felise Roe '02    Felise is attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine at St. Kitts in the West Indies. She really loves it there and finds all her classes interesting and the community very accommodating. She says that the background she received from her UVM Animal Science degree more than prepared her for the rigors of vet school. For anyone interested, she included the Ross SGA website: It contains information and pictures about Ross and some of the events and courses happening there. To contact Felise, e-mail her at .

Meredith Stepita '02    Meredith is currently attending the University of Tennessee Veterinary School. She can be reached at

As of Spring 2002:

Sue Porter '94 After graduation, Sue moved to Massachusetts and worked for a year before starting veterinary school at Tufts. She graduated from there in '99 and went on to complete an internship in small animal medicine and surgery. Since then she has been working at an emergency and referral practice in Rhode Island. She can be reached at or

Emilie Beaupre Emilie Beaupre '01 After graduating in 2001, Emilie started her first year of veterinary school at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in Fort Collins Colorado. She had an excellent first year. As expected, it was full of coursework, which she found extremely exciting and rewarding. In between schoolwork and classes, she managed to participate in multiple clubs, enjoyed hiking and skiing in the Colorado Rockies with her classmates, and even participated in a cattle round-up in South Dakota for a weekend! In the spring, CSU hosted the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCA VMA) Symposium, which turned into a UVM alumni reunion! This summer she is working in the ASCI Ruminant Nutrition lab part time as well as spending time working at the Vermont Large Animal Clinic. She is currently looking forward to a relaxing summer, another great year at CSU as a returning sophomore vet student, and her future as a veterinarian.

April Wright (Austin) '92 April is giving presentations on wellness for horses and riders. She events a Hanovarian gelding which she bred and trained that became Hanovarian Horse of the Year in Eventing at the Training Level and reserve 1st Level Champion Dressage Horse for the Champlain Valley Schooling Series. If interested in attending April’s demonstrations, please contact her for further information at .

Tracey J. Blanchet (Rojecki) '93 Since graduating, Tracey worked in a veterinary clinic for 4 years, and then decided to switch gears and work in the research field instead. She has been employed at Genetics Institute in Cambridge, MA since July of 2000. She is currently working in the Musculoskeletal Sciences Dept. on osteoarthritis and cartilage repair studies. Tracey says that they use numerous animal models in the research, and her Animal Science background really helps! In June she married Craig Blanchet who is a structural engineer in Cambridge, MA and they plan on staying in Cambridge.

Jennifer Colby '94 – Since graduation, Jennifer worked for The Organic Cow in Tunbridge, Vermont. as an assistant to the owner doing whatever was needed. Presently, she is pursuing a new opportunity at the Green Mountain Institute for Environmental Democracy (GMI) in Montpelier, Vermont. The Institute works to make connections between community level projects and state and federal- level laws and mandates. She has applied to graduate school and hopes that with the added educational experience and her background, she will be able to develop a series of projects/ programs that address involvement of farmers in environmental issues. Jennifer and her husband, Chris Sargent, live in East Randolph and are slowly returning their land to a diversified farm one season at a time!

Sarah Hale '98 - Sarah is currently finishing her M.S. at the University of Maryland and is applying for a Ph.D. back at UVM.

Jennifer Felt '99 – Jennifer has been in the Peace Corps in the Honduras for the past 2 years teaching agricultural practices and environmental education. In December she came home, and is looking into getting a graduate degree at Tufts in Animals and Public Policy.

Chirag Vyas '00 - After graduation Chirag accepted a job with Lockheed Martin Space Operations at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA. He was hired as an Experiment Support Scientist (ESS) for the Space Shuttle mission STS-107. As an ESS he managed several life science experiments that would fly on the Space Shuttle. His duties included coordinating laboratory setup at Kennedy Space Center and preparing documentation and timelines for the flight. He also trained astronauts in the use of flight hardware in space.

In September 2001, he managed a fruit fly experiment that flew aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis for eight days. It was a wonderful experience to have VIP passes to watch the shuttle launch with his parents and seven of his close UVM friends at Kennedy Space Center. After his first shuttle experience he decided that he would take some time off and travel and see friends and family back on the East Coast. He spent this past summer in Burlington, and recently moved with another UVM alum to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. He is in the process of applying to graduate school from down in the islands and plans to return stateside in several months.

Ben Fan '00 (Graduate Students) After earning his Ph.D. at UVM, Ben has settled down at UMass Medical School working in a lab, but his goal is still Bioinformatics in a Pharmaceutical Company. He is looking for a postdoc in Bioinformatics to aid him in his goal. Ben has been working on publishing two papers. The first paper has been submitted to the Journal of Dairy Science entitled: "Adenoviral-mediated transfer of a lysostaphin gene into the goat mammary gland." The second is a work in progress.

Carrie Nugent ’01 Carrie has been working in Fermoy, a small town near the city of Cork, Ireland. She was doing mastitis research in Moor Park and is really excited about the work being done there. She was pleased to say that she was more than sufficiently prepared by her days at UVM! She is presently taking a month break to do some traveling.

As of Spring 2000:
Eleanor Wirts and friends.
Eleanor Wirts, 2nd from right
Eleanor Wirts completed her under-graduate degree in Animal Sciences in a 1998, and began her Masters in Secondary Education in June 1998. She completed 34 credits in 12 months including an internship at South Burlington High School in the science department, with an emphasis in biology. In June of 1999 Eleanor had the opportunity to go to Bali, Indonesia for her last graduate course, Multicultural Education and Counseling. Thirteen graduate students of all ages led by a husband and wife team from UVM traveled together for 2 1/2 weeks, living with the Balinese amongst their culture. Shortly after returning from Bali, she began her first teaching job teaching Environmental Earth Science and Biology. This position led to her current position as a faculty member at Vermont Academy in a tiny town in Southern Vermont. Vermont Academy is a coed school with 250 students and 50 faculty, offering a fine education combined with excellent athletics. Eleanor teaches biology to three sophomore classes, one senior advanced biology class and team-teaches bioethics with a senior English teacher to juniors and seniors. Besides teaching, Eleanor is also a house parent for 6 girls and a coach for the equestrian team.

As of Fall 1999:

Many of our recent grads are pursing careers as veterinarians: T. J. Cleary, Danielle Saupe and Erin Snarski are attending Purdue; Mike Bero and Rebecca Peters are attending Tufts; Emily Ammerman and Andy Krause are at North Carolina State University; Heather Gilkes and Dina Bahrawy are at Cornell; Abby Boulter, Amy Kurowski and Ellen Wright are attending Ohio State Vet School; Jeff Taylor is attending vet school in Scotland; Jen Stanley has been admitted to vet school in London (following an animal caretaker position at the Bronx Zoo).

Many others have secured interesting and challenging careers in a variety of fields: Kelly Filson is the Assistant to the Humane Education Specialist and Assistant to the Animal Assisted Therapy Director at the San Francisco SPCA (Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals). The SPCA is one of the most highly respected Humane Societies in the country. Marcy Guillette has implemented and teaches an innovative Livestock program that includes sheep, horses and dairy, ("UMADCOWS") at the University of Maine. Patty Brennan is a second year graduate student, studying anatomy and physiology at Colorado State; Ethan Nelson and Ryan Percy are farming their family farms in Vermont. Beth Goodell is a nutritional consultant with Nutrina/Cargill in Southern New Hampshire; Shannon Riley is an animal caretaker at the Bronx Zoo; Kevin Charron is with the Vermont Pond-View Farm in Danville, Vermont – one of the most prestigious holstein breeders in the country. Sarah Sprague has been working an at equine veterinary clinic in Connecticut and is in the process of applying to vet schools. Molly Brown has been working in advertising for a radio station in Fort Collins Colorado and is applying to graduate school to pursue equine reproduction. Eliza Rutherford is managing Foxwood Farm, an equine facility in Williston, Vermont. Kathleen Campbell is a Veterinary Assistant in Vermont. Eleanor Wirts is in graduate school at UVM pursuing a masters in education. Connie Brown is attending graduate school at Lyndon State. Leanne Bouffard is at an equine farm in New York utilizing her skills in carriage driving and dressage.

Chirag Vyas, who received the Animal Sciences Faculty Award (in recognition of scholastic performance, outstanding achievements in undergraduate research) has an exciting position as an Experiment Support Scientist at Lockheed Martin in California. (Lockheed Martin contracts to NASA).

As a Support Scientist, Chirag supports two investigators that have biological research projects which will fly on the space shuttle STS-107 mission, scheduled to fly in January of 2001. His job is to make sure that their procedures and testing are in order for the actual flight. This involves a lot of documentation and eventually full scale laboratory tests with the samples (which are bacteria and a zebra fish study). Chirag will go to the Kennedy Space Center to load samples and watch take-off and then assist in the processing of the samples once they return.

Thanks to all of our alums who are staying in touch. It’s great to hear from you as your careers progress! If you have not already done so, please send us an update on your activities so that we can include them in the next newsletter.   Email the ASCI Coordinator at

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