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It is that aspect of BIOLOGY that deals with dairy, equine, companion, zoo and exotic animals.  When studying Animal and Veterinary Sciences, students, with assistance from faculty advisors, develop individualized programs that lead to rewarding careers in a wide variety of occupations. These programs apply to farm, laboratory, zoo, and companion animals; their interaction with human society; and the contribution of animal products, such as milk and meat, to the world food supply.  The mission of the department is to:
  1. Deliver high quality undergraduate and graduate education focusing on animals important to Vermont and the region, including dairy, equine, companion, zoo and exotic animals through innovative and interactive approaches in teaching and learning.
  2. Conduct world-class research to support sustainable food animal production to feed a growing global population, reduce livestock's impact on the environment, improve animal health and well-being through nutrition, management disease prevention and control; and to sustain and enhance human health by promoting food safety, quality, and value-added products.
  3. Extend knowledge and education in Animal Science to people of Vermont and the world.
  4. Enhance diversity by strengthening our linkages with others both within and outside UVM.
We provide the opportunity to obtain a meaningful Bachelor of Science degree that will serve the individual well in the future.

Students in Animal & Veterinary Sciences may develop a program of study under one of the FOUR available options.  Each option provides:
  • A science-based curriculum that includes animal biology, nutrition, genetics, animal health, biology, chemistry, and math, coupled with a liberal education.
  • Opportunities to participate in undergraduate research, or develop internships related to animal and veterinary sciences.
  • A combination of classroom, laboratory, and hands-on experience.
  • A positive and friendly environment so students can maximize achievements and place themselves in a favorable position for subsequent career development.
Options for an Animal & Veterinary Sciences Major:
Pre-Veterinary/Pre-professional Science
Equine Science
Zoo, Exotic and Companion Animals
Dairy Production

For more information on animal and veterinary sciences or careers in animal or veterinary science, visit:
American Society of Animal Sciences

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