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UVM Horse Barn Easter Egg Hunt 

April 4th, 2015  -  10am - 1pm

A basket of Easter eggsCome to the UVM Horse Barn for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Children up to 10 years old are welcome to participate. The eggs will be hidden around the inside of the barn to keep everyone warm and dry. In addition to the hunt, crafts, games, and face painting will be available with your ticket purchase! If you reserve a ticket in advance, you will get both a reduced rate ($3 advance, instead of $5 at the door) and access to the "Fast Pass" line during your specified hour. You do not need to pay for the ticket through Eventbrite, just register yourself to ensure the lower rate and shorter line. You will be able to pay at the door. Parking will be available at UVM's Gutterson garage with buses running to the farm and back. Please call (802) 863-0205 or email with any questions.

Follow this link to reserve your tickets:

Preparation for renovation at the Miller Farm

A student swings a sledgehammer into the free stall barn at UVMSite preparation for the first phase of renovation at the UVM Miller Farm has begun. This consists of ground preparation and demolition of the free stall barn, the structure that faces Spear Street. Actual construction of a new Instructional Barn will begin later this spring when the weather warms. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) held a press briefing on February 3rd at the Miller Farm to mark the initiation of the long-awaited renovation. Tom Vogelmann, Dean of CALS, spoke about the exciting and essential facility improvements which will replace worn, out-moded buildings with state-of-the-art farm facilities designed to serve the College's teaching, research and public education needs far into the 21st century. Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM) student Carolyn Richardo (UVM '17, Animal Science Major) spoke about the importance of the CREAM program and how construction of a new barn will propel the CREAM program forward in the rapidly advancing dairy industry. (Read Carolyne's speech)  Faculty, staff and students then had the opportunity to swing a silver sledgehammer to begin deconstruction of the free stall barn. Help make the new CREAM barn a reality! You can be a part of the future of UVM by naming a barn, room or stall. Invest in the future of the CREAM program and advance the important work of the UVM Dairy Center of Excellence.

What is Animal Science?

Students holding an alpacaIt is that aspect of Biology that deals with domestic animals. When studying Animal Science, students, with assistance from faculty advisors, develop individualized programs that lead to rewarding careers in a wide variety of occupations. These programs apply to farm, laboratory, zoo, and companion animals; their interaction with human society; and the contribution of animal products, such as milk and meat, to the world food supply. We provide the opportunity to obtain a meaningful Bachelor of Science degree that will serve the individual well in the future. Students in Animal Science may develop a program of study under one of four available options; pre-veterinary, equine, dairy, or general animal science. Read more about our Animal Science options.

Alpaca course in Ecuador

This video includes Alpaca behaviors that a student was able to capture on video while on UVM's Alpaca Husbandry Bootcamp trip. According to Sam Frawley, this is not even close to a conclusive list of behaviors, but simply shows a glimpse into some of their regular activity.

Pre-veterinary Student

ASCI Majors

Students in Animal Science may develop a program of study under one of four available options:

  • Pre-Veterinary Science
  • Equine Science
  • General Animal Science
  • Dairy Production

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