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Former Lab Members

Hannah Lachance Hannah Lachance
University of Vermont, Class of 2012

B.S. University of Vermont, Major: Animal Science, Minor: Wildlife Biology

Hannah Lachance grew up on various military bases in New York, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Germany. In 2009 she began studying Animal Science with a minor in Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont.While she was a student, she conducted a research project in the Wright Lab titled, "Bacteria Diversity in the Rumen of Impala from Pongola South Africa." She graduated from the University of Vermont in December of 2012 at which point she began work as a Research Assistant in Dr. Wright's lab as well as an Assistant Lab Coordinator with Fran Kinghorn. Hannah began working with Dr. McKay in April of 2013.

Poster:  "Genome-wide Epigenetic Survey of Vermont Bobcat (Lynx rufus) and Fisher (Martes pennanti)"
Sarah Perlee Sarah Perlee
University of Vermont, Class of 2017

Major: Animal Science

Sarah is currently an undergraduate student majoring in animal science within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Her main interest is in genetics with a focus on agricultural animals. Sarah enjoys hiking and skiing the mountains of Vermont.
Rex Yee Rex Yee

Rex thrives on a ranch in the sweltering Texas heat. He is currently attending high school in world renowned Proteet, Texas. Although not at his full potential, being only 16 years of age, he strives to be at the top not only in physical aspects but in educational standards. All Rex's life he has been ever so fascinated with Animal Science and while perusing this fascination he stumbled across the McKay clan. Rex encourages all to seek out what interests them and what they are passionate about. Rex is a run-of-the-mill person and enjoys a good match of ping pong with the local priests.

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