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Post-Doctoral Associate
Dr. Helen WalshHelen Walsh, Ph.D.

B.S. University of Humberside

Helen Walsh was born in England, but lived in Ireland for most of her life. Her home is in Waterford (where the crystal comes from), a town on the south coast of Ireland. She did her undergraduate degree in Industrial Food Technology at the University of Humberside, which is in the North of England. After graduation she worked in quality assurance for food manufacturing. She then had the opportunity to do both a Masters and Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Sciences at UVM with Dr. Mingruo Guo. Her Ph.D. involved the practical applications of whey protein both as a foodstuff in a carbonated yogurt drink and as a raw material in a plastic coating for food packaging. She is now very happy to be doing a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Jana Kraft and is involved as project coordinator with her clinical study into the metabolic effects of bioactive milk fats. She will also be involved with many aspects of Dr. Kraft’s research work, particularly as it relates to the health effects of bioactive fatty acids and trans-fats.
PhD Students
Melissa BainbridgeMelissa Bainbridge

B.S., University of Vermont degree in Animal Science.

Melissa is originally from Burlington, Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2011 with a B.S. in Animal Science. She then spent the next two years working as a field technician for the Vermont Dairy Herd Improvement Association. Melissa will be working on her Ph.D. in Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences with Dr. Jana Kraft. Her research will focus on improving the nutritional attributes of milk, concentrating on bioactive fatty acids, to promote both human and animal health. Melissa also enjoys hiking, cooking and running.  

Melissa's areas of interest:  Improving the bioactive compounds of milk to promote human and animal health.

Undergraduate Researchers

Trevor Gearhart Trevor Gearhart

Trevor's areas of interest:  Exploring aquatic community interactions through bioindicators, and the impacts that abiotic factors can have on trophic interactions.

Former Lab Members

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