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David Kerr and his dog JaxonDavid Kerr

Dr. David Kerr received his Ph.D. and Masters degrees from the University of Saskatchewan  in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Canada. and received his Bachelor's degree from McGill University in his native province of Quebec. Dr. Kerr joined the department in 1999 as an Assistant Professor of lactation physiology, was promoted to Associate Professor, and is currently a full Professor teaching ASCI 001, Introductory Animal Science; and ASCI 215, Physiology of Reproduction.  Dr. Kerr is also the Graduate Student Program Coordinator.
Work Address

Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences
University of Vermont
213 Terrill, 570 Main Street
Burlington, VT  05405-0148

Office:  (802) 656-2113
Lab: (802) 656-0132
Fax: (802) 656-8196


Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan, Canada
M.S., University of Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan, Canada
B.S., McGill University, Quebec, Canada

2007 Hubert W. Vogelmann Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

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