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My past experience in both TMR-based systems in North America and pasture-based systems in New Zealand have fuelled my motivation to focus on protein metabolism in response to nutritional alterations. Not only is this important for the dairy industry from an environmental standpoint (urinary nitrogen losses are a major environmental concern in many pasture-inclusive systems), but also because of its implications in human health (milk protein and bioactive peptides are known to possess many human health benefits).

Objectives: Understanding the effect that nutritional manipulation can have on metabolism in the dairy cow and the ultimate nitrogen outputs is my primary research objective. To accomplish this goal, our lab spends time on-farm collecting samples and in the lab performing cutting-edge analyses. In the Greenwood lab we examine:

  • The comprehensive bovine milk protein profile (including over 800 milk proteins) and how this profile is affected by the diet
  • Use of byproducts and alternative forages as feed supplements to alter nitrogen partitioning and milk protein profiles in dairy cattle
  • Changes in skeletal muscle and hepatic protein metabolism of dairy cows due to diet manipulation
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