My Courses

ASCI 192G – Animal Plagues: Global animal health, infectious disease ecology, zoonoses and food security.

This course will introduce students to the concepts of infectious disease epidemiology and ecology. The complex relationships between animal pathogens and their hosts will be explored, with a focus on food animal species. Biological, ecological and social issues of infectious disease emergence and control will be explored. Prerequisites: Two semesters of biology (BIOL 001 & BIOL 002 or BCOR 11 & BCOR 12). ASCI 001 recommended or instructor permission. Credits: 3

ASCI 220 – Lactation Physiology

Physiological mechanisms that control and affect lactation in domestic and laboratory animals with emphasis on dairy cattle. Includes mammary anatomy, development and health, and milk synthesis. Prerequisites: One chemistry course and one course in anatomy and physiology, or instructor's permission. Credits: 3

ASCI 303 – Research Proposal Writing

Students develop and write a formal proposal for their graduate research project. Typically this course is taken in the first or second year of graduate school and prior to or during the semester of student's first committee meeting. Pre/co-requisite: Graduate standing. Credits: 1