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Joe Marchell

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lab Projects: My current research is looking more closely at bacteria isolated from Vermont dairy farms. I’m investigating how a group of bacteria known as coagulase-negative staphylococci interacts with major mastitis pathogens such as Staphylococci aureus, Streptococcus Uberis, and Streptococcus Dysgalactiae.

Background: Hi I’m Joe. I’m a senior, Animal Science major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I plan to attend Veterinary School after graduating from UVM. I first started working with the Barlow lab towards the end of my time in the UVM CREAM program. I conducted a small research project that was designed to look at how udder hygiene and teat condition of dairy cows impacted the microorganisms found on the end of teat skin. I was assisted by the Barlow lab for the sample collection and analysis, and became interested in pursuing the topic further.