Prospective Students

If you are interested in becoming a graduate student in my lab:

1. Read my statement of Research Interest on the Research page.

2. Read our recent research papers.

3. If your interests overlap with my research interests, send me an email or letter including the following:


4. Review the Animal and Veterinary Sciences (ASCI) Graduate Programs web page and if you are interested in PhD then also review the Animal, Nutrition, and Food Sciences (ANFS) Doctoral Program requirements.

5. Review the Graduate College application materials and requirements for prospective students. All formal applications most be processed through the Graduate College on-line system.

6. Plan to apply to the Graduate Program listing the Program and degree of interest in your application (i.e. ANFS for a PhD, or ASCI for a MS). The official application materials are forwarded from the graduate college to the ASCI Graduate Studies Committee. Applicants are ranked by members of the ASCI Graduate Studies Committee and acceptance is by consensus of the entire committee.

7. Two or three weeks after sending me the information in item #3 above, drop me a brief email to confirm I have received them. After reviewing the information in item #3, I will decide if I believe there is a good fit between your goals and my future research directions. Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship (GTA or GRA) positions in my lab are contingent on funding availability. Positions in my laboratory may open on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year, so there is no particular deadline for sending me the information in item #3. There is a formal application deadline of Feb. 15 for the Graduate College for students seeking funding (assistantships or fellowships) and are applying to begin studies during the fall semester of an academic year.