Wildlife Conservation Society
Robert C. Engel Mammology Intern Program

Image of a gorilla and her baby

Location:  Bronx Zoo, New York

The Wildlife Conservation Society is dedicated to the conservation of the world's vanishing species through captive breeding and exhibition, field studies, education, and veterinary, nutrition and genetic research.  The Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Park, headquarters of the Wildlife Conservation Society, manages and exhibits a diversity of wildlife, including many rare and endangered species. It initiates and supports captive breeding programs, and encourages research and educational projects. The Mammal Department, with a collection of over 130 species, is committed to the exhibition and captive breeding of species that are part of cooperative breeding programs or serve as educational representatives of their habitats or regions.

The purpose of the mammology intern program is to expose individuals to the techniques of captive management and exhibition of a variety of mammal species within a zoo environment and to expose them to the potential of endangered species programs within zoos so that they are better prepared to participate in similar programs at other institutions.

The program consists of ten weeks of intensive internship work at the Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Park. Interns work closely with the staff in all phases of animal management and exhibition. Each intern will work with a variety of mammals and is expected to conduct and complete an independent project under the supervision of the staff.

For more information regarding this internship opportunity, write or call:

Dr. Patrick Thomas
Curator of Mammals
Bronx Zoo
185th Street and  Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10460

Phone: 718-220-7112
e-mail: pthomas@wcs.org

Internship information:
Testimonial: James Sturzione
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