Chimpanzee ChimpanZoo

Location:  Tucson, Arizona.


A research, education and enrichment program conducted in zoos with the following goals:

Training Opportunities:

Educational opportunities available for: Graduate, Continuing Education, Professional, Other (Retired people)
Field work opportunities not available

Program emphasis:  Data collection; Data analysis; Enrichment; Public education;

Note:  Provides an opportunity to learn and conduct research, participate in data analysis and presentations, work on enrichment projects, educate the public.  Student internships are available through the University of Arizona, Dept of  Psychology and Dept. of Anthropology.

Key Personnel:
Virginia Landau, Director/Psychology
Phone:  (602) 621-4785

James E. King, Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee,
Phone:  (602) 621-7441
e-mail:; Mary Ellen Morbeck

The Geronimo Bld. #308
800 E. University Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona   85721
Director: Virginia Landau
Phone:  (602) 621-4785
Fax:  (602) 621-3056
Affiliations:  The Jane Goodall Institute
Jane Goodall Institue Website:

ChimpanZoo Website:
Internship information:
Testimonial: not available
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