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The Wolf Education and Research Center's (WERC) Internship is a multi-disciplinary experience that provides instruction and hands-on learning in many areas associated with captive animal care, naturalist interpretation regarding gray wolf biology, remote camp living skills, and gray wolf behavior. The duties of interns vary highly due to this wide range of potential experiences. Additionally, duties and concentrations for each intern period depend on the season of the internship, and the desired learning of each individual. The below list of duties is not inclusive, but represents potential tasks and learning topics for interns:
Due to the variety of duties, interns are supervised by two primary staff members (Biologist/Camp Director and Assistant Biologist) according to the assigned task.

Interns are expected to work 6 days/week and receive a weekly stipend. WERC provides housing and essential housing amenities. Interns are expected to provide their own food. Working hours per week vary according to the duties assigned and other unforeseen factors, but interns typically work around 40-50 hours per week. Due to the variety of tasks and unknown weather or visitor loads, interns' working schedules must remain flexible; hence a flexible attitude is desired.

Applicants should be currently involved or recently graduated from a college/university. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply; however, studies relating to wildlife conservation, biology, education, or veterinary science are preferred. International students are welcome. To investigate this exciting opportunity further, and to apply, please visit our Intern page at wolfcenter.org/site/about-us/interns

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