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Internships in Wildlife Rehabilitation  

Location:  Hingham, Massachusetts   
New England Wildlife Center was founded in 1983 to provide medical humane care to sick, orphaned and/or injured wildlife as well as to foster public understanding of the global ecosystem and of our responsibility in preserving and protecting delicate balances within it.  NEWC is offering undergraduate and graduate level internships in wildlife medicine and natural history.  Each year we host approximately 40-50 student interns.  The Center, a nonprofit wildlife animal hospital, treats approximately 4000 native and naturalized wild animals representing 225 species each year.  The Center is located in Bare Cove Park, Hingham, MA.  Hingham is a coastal community approximately 15 miles south of downtown Boston.

Internships are variable in length and are free of charge.  Housing is available on a limited basis to out-of-state residents and those in-state students whose permanent addresses are west of Worcester, MA for a fee of $50 a week.

Internship responsibilities are broad and demanding.  All skills are taught to the students by a full-time, on-staff veterinarian, certified veterinary technicians, a wildlife specialist, an office manager, and a resource development officer.  Interns will be considered part of the working staff; they will be directly involved, under supervision, with animal cases.  The instruction will be skill-oriented and focused on veterinary biology and natural history.  Interns will learn, among other things, blood sampling techniques, physical restraint techniques, basic diagnostics and therapeutics, and physical exams for a variety of animal species (primarily birds, reptiles, and mammals).

Interns are responsible for dietary design and preparation, cleaning, husbandry, administration of medications, assisting with medical and surgical procedures, maintaining medical records, hospital and cage maintenance, and release of patients into appropriate habitats.  In addition, interns are required to answer questions about wildlife received from the public by telephone, letter, or in person.  Interns are also invited to help in the fundraising process and to help deliver educational programs to elementary and secondary students.

Student interns are provided with reading materials and classroom seminars in medicine, environmental public health, habitat protections, wildlife management and ethics, basic comparative anatomy and physiology, wildlife identification, wildlife medical procedures, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

Students can expect that weekly time demands range between 40 and 60 hours a week.  Although this is a rigorous internship, staff and Center attitudes are friendly, informal, helpful, and appreciative.

Applications are available on our website at http://www.newildlife.com

New England Wildlife Center
19 Forth Hill Street
Hingham, MA.  02043

Phone:    781-749-1248 (clinic)
                 781-749-5387 (office)

e-mail:  newchosp@aol.com

Website:  http://www.newildlife.com
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