Fauna Foundation

Fauna FoundationLocation:  Quebec, Canada

Fauna Foundation accepts applications from students with various academic backgrounds (e.g. Anthropology, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, etc.) and all nationalities are encouraged to apply. This rigorous 8-week program (June to August) combines training in compassionate care for nonhuman primates with experience in non-invasive behavioral studies.

Fauna Foundation is a sanctuary for 12 chimpanzees, monkeys, and other nonhuman animals and a wildlife preserve located in Carignan, Quebec. Some of the chimpanzees are retired from biomedical research. Others were participants in cross-fostering research or were former zoo residents. Two use American Sign Language to communicate. The philosophy of Fauna Foundation is that the needs of the residents come first.

Visiting interns are at the sanctuary daily and will receive training and experience in safe procedures to work around adult non-human primates, particularly chimpanzees. They will assist in preparation of meals and enrichment, cleaning enclosures, housekeeping, and participating in a non-invasive behavioral study The first weeks are intensive training in protocols and procedures and understanding chimpanzee behaviors. After several weeks each intern becomes more autonomous and has responsibilities in care and behavioral study.

Applicants must be fluent in English, have completed at least one year of university level education or two years of CÉGEP, and must be 18 years of age or older. American Sign Language and French are helpful. The application fee is $25.00 and must be included with the application. Visiting interns are required to provide proof of a negative TB skin test and tetanus vaccination prior to arrival. For questions about the program and the application process, please go to the Visiting Intern Program web page.

For information about the application deadline, program costs, and housing, see their website. Questions can go to info@faunafoundation.org.

Fauna Foundation
3802 Bellerive
Carignan, QC  J3L 3P9

United States residents can send items to:
Fauna Foundation
c/o Freeport Forwarding
1320 State Route 9 #782
Champlain, NY  12919-5007

Phone:  450-658-1844
Fax:  450-658-2202
e-mail:  info@faunafoundation.org

Website:  http://faunafoundation.org
Internship information:  http://www.faunafoundation.org/volunteer/visiting-intern-program/
This internship is also listed under the following headings:  Animal Education, Welfare & Behavior