Cape Wildlife Center
Cape Wildlife Center

Location:  Cape Cod, MA.

A program of The Humane Society of the United States, the Cape Wildlife Center (CWC) is a vital resource available to the Cape Cod, Massachusetts, community for the veterinary and rehabilitative care of injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife; for wildlife and environmental advocacy; and for humane solutions to human-wildlife conflicts.

Their student intern program is an integral part of their commitment to training wildlife professionals.  Under the supervision of the veterinarian and staff, interns participate in the medical care of wildlife and share in the various tasks involved in property caring for orphaned young and recovering adult animals.

The Cape Wildlife Center
185 Meadow Lane, West Barnstable, MA.  02668

Phone:  508-362-0111
Fax:  508-362-0268

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Testimonial:  Katie Ahalt
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