Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD) - (J. Tauberman)

Location:  Burlington, VT

"This internship was a fantastic insight into the work of a non-profit animal welfare organization. I learned how to organize, promote and fund raise an animal welfare campaign. This internship is an independent internship meaning that you do all of the work remotely with face-to-face meetings when your or the internship coordinator see fit. This worked well for me since I was taking five classes and involved in other organizations on campus. This internship is very email and writing heavy. I composed a lot of documents including letters to the editor, legislative handouts, newsletters, media documents, and thank-you notes. I also participated in two of their events: a wildlife trapping outreach event and their annual Walk for Farmed Animals. It was a great experience to see the culmination of a campaign that I had worked on. GMAD is a fantastic organization and I recommend this internship to any aspiring animal welfare activist or anyone interested in seeing how an animal welfare organization works."

Green Mountain Animal Defenders Internship Information